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All eyes were undoubtedly on Kim Kardashian’s white jumpsuited bottom when she dropped the flag that started off the 2010 Bullrun Live Rally in New York. This is a luxury car rally – actually a rolling party- that takes 8 leisurely days to cross the US. Participants get driving directions daily and stay at the fanciest hotels and eat at the finest restaurants across the country. Along the way there are parties, celebrities, and other competitions. Of course, the trip is filmed for a TV show “Cops, Cars & Superstars.” It appears that Kim is usurping all the personal appearance jobs that used to pad Paris Hilton’s bank account. Wonder how Paris feels about that. She’s not the “it” girl any more.

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  1. It looks like Paris might be trapped in Kim’s over-sized butt. Reckon? That is such a trashy look for Kim.

  2. Paris is the next Zsa Zsa…. in about 60 years.

  3. A streetwalker/prostitute would have to lower themselves a few notches to come down to Kim’s lack of class. I really can’t figure out what *really* makes Kim and the rest of the Kardashians tick. One thing they probably have in common tho is secretly laughing at Bruce Jenner’s butchered face which now looks like a girl. LOL

  4. This picture makes the case of a previous thread about Kim. She is so focused on showing off that huge caboose and the only takers will be black men out for lots of white girl booty and playing her pea brain for a fool! She deserves all the crabs n all she gets! Poor child if she gets impregnated!

  5. Strom: She was probably SPAYED a long time ago. Isn’t that what they do to female dog bitches? She probably has so many types of STD’s that they fight against each other and cancel each other out. (and this last statement has been highly researched in the medical profession). rotflmao

  6. Strom: I take that back, because I just remembered she said she wanted kids. But maybe she was lying, who knows. Much like Jennifer Aniston always claimed she wanted kids and now she lost the ‘great one’ to another slut because she went back on her word. So, the spaying thing was just a passing thought.

  7. I’ll be honest – I’d rather see a pic of Kim than Paris. While neither of them should be celebrities for any reason, Paris is just repulsive, whereas Kim is not as bad. Pointless still, yes. But I’m happy we are pretty much done with Paris being relevant…ahhhhh…..

  8. Clemintine, you are absolutely correct ma’am! Paris is beyond brain dead for one thing. At least the K girls seem to have a little brains and actually WORK.

    AND that had GOT to be the most hideous ass, oh no wait…remember that rediculous Coco married to Ice-T? SHE has the most rediculous ass, and THEN Kim K comes in and slow second! I would actually go to a Dr and get that thing wittled down if it stuck out of ME!!!

  9. Looks like she has a couple of beach balls stuffed in there.

  10. That looks really bad on her huge ass. By the way, does anyone know if she likes black men?

  11. Good gracious there atta be a law about being so stupid. I was going to saw cow but must not insult the poor cow.

  12. There’s absolutely no difference between Kim or Paris. Graphic sex tape: check. Famewhores: check. Commercials: check. Air heads: check. Narcisstic: check. Crazy stage mamas: check. I could go on and on.

    It’s just that Kim is new to the game to where Paris has been around years before her. Eventually the public tires of no class, talentless chicks on reality shows. I will say this: Kim is far more prettier than Paris. Also Kim looks lots more healthier.

  13. That ass is gross and so obviously FAKE. She had butt implants put in to impress her homies. What happened to the athletic look being popular? Now it’s hip to have a big fat ass and fake hair.

  14. All the black athletes need to see is that caboose and they are ready to plow it up. You are talking of people with lots of money and not much in looks or brains (Lamar Odom)looking for a white girl and a fame whore ready to supply them with all they want.

  15. That’s a fat ugly ass. No wonder she usually keeps it covered.

  16. right: don’t know where YOU’VE been hidding but Kim doesn’t keep this hideous ass hidden EVER! It is always right in everybodies face in tight as she can get them short short dresses and outfits like this one. If you think this is “hidden” some thing is dreadfully wrong with you!

  17. Reta,
    “some thing is dreadfully wrong with you!” it generally takes women much longer to figure out there is something wrong with me.

  18. her behind is not huge. it’s unnatural on her because she had implants, but men love curvy women. black women and latinas tend to have more back package. no need to despair them of their genetics.

    but of course, you all expect women to be petite and thin.

    so lenny, you are a bigot now. i figured. it’s only bigots who care about whom others CHOSE to date!

  19. the whole family is useless…don’t forget,her daddy helped to get OJ what,she’s got big …assets…a big…endowment…but gravity will not spare her,no matter how much plastic she installs…

  20. The thing women ask most is, “Does this make my ass look fat?” Now, why would anyone get butt implants? Doesn’t make sense. Yes, Kim, that outfit does make your ass look WAY fat and ugly. TMI.

  21. PS: Kim, none of those rich guys running the race think you’re hot; on the contrary, you are a common slut.

  22. I don’t believe she got “butt implants”. She has ALWAYS, since she first came into notice had that huge disgusting ass. It wasn’t normal and then suddenly appeared one day. She has also made public denials about having implants htere, and I believe it, because if it WAS a fake ass SOMEONE would have outed her with before pictures by now. So, sorry to say, for her, but that is a natural giant ass she is carting around. It’s just the way she’s built!

  23. be confident, honey.
    ………….I’M HERE!!

  24. Now that suit looks painful to stuff yourself into and she looks er.. FAT

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