The plot thickens. Last week Sofia Vergara had quite a jolt when The Enquirer published as story about her wealthy boyfriend Nick Loeb, and his secret life. Sofia and Nick had just gotten back together after a split when several prostitutes claimed they had partied with Nick and described him as a sex addict. One prostitute said that Nick like to pick up from three to five girls in strip clubs and offer each a thousand dollars to party with him. He usually had a fancy hotel penthouse with porn playing on all the TVs, lines of cocaine, and plenty of booze. Viagra and ecstasy was added to the orgy. He admitted that Sofia wasn’t aware of his predilections. This week the Enquirer says Nick has been texting threats to more than one of the prostitutes, who were not named in the article. He threatened deportation or a lawsuit, but that’s not going to happen. If he sued ANYONE, details of his sex life would be all over the papers. Hopefully, Sofia will realize she’s too good for this guy.

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  1. My gaydar might not be too finely tuned, but he is setting off my ‘cheater radar’, big time.

  2. And if he does shut up the hookers, then as soon as things quieten down, he will be at it again.

  3. When you’re that rich and good looking, there are no limits in one’s life. Hookers and indulgence go together. She’s a fool if she thinks he’ll change anytime soon.

    Punch and delete.

  4. Good for him. The women in south America are absolutely stunning. He’s Latin with money in a country of beautiful women. At least they were hookers not a hidden girlfriend.

  5. Tsk…tsk…tsk and/or The Enquirer seem to be swallowing quite a lot from so-called “hookers”. Doesn’t one need PROOF for a slanderous story anymore???

  6. Nick is a yid and has $$$ and will always play around. Sofia has had lots of meat in her so is not in much of a postion to complain. She is more interested in Nick’s $$$ anyway.

  7. It doesn’t sound like he needs to settle down with anyone any time soon. She needs to find someone else and fast.

    He has plenty of money and plenty of money for plenty of women. lol 🙂 Good for him. lol

  8. @Cal, I agree with you!

    And, on a new topic:

    I thought Vergara was one of the currently-successful actresses who had started out as an escort, herself?

  9. @Strom,

    thanks for all the insights and wit. What a hateful and envious fool you are. Every time I read your posts, I’m astounded by their sheer stupidity. You sure are missing some important parts buddy.

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