The plot continues to thicken on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa Giudice, left, will be thrilled to learn that the National Enquirer has dug up some tasty dirt on her arch-rival sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, right. Melissa doesn’t mention much about her history before she attended New Jersey City University, but like many reality stars, her past has come back to haunt her. A high school friend named Jamie Bauer claims that they were lesbian lovers at Boca Raton high school in 1995. Melissa’s mother tried to break it up, but the torrid affair lasted 18 months until Melissa cheated with another girl!



  1. That gets you hot, doesn’t it, Janet.

    You’re a lezbot, aren’t you Janet?

    Bet you’d love to snack on Melissa’s fur burger.

    Question: have you ever had a guy? Most of the business would guess an emphatic NO.

  2. If true, that might answer why she seems to avoid when her husband chasses after her drooling and smacking her on the ass. She always giggles and puts him off. They’ve shown this type of behavior several times now between them. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to screw him because he’s a crude trogladyte who only thinks of his poor lonely penis.

  3. Lucky feller who bagged himself one of those.
    Or deserving…

  4. Who cares., as if most celeb women aren’t bi.. it’s how they make their most important contacts and conduct business.

  5. the high school period is partly to discover the world around you, the likes & dislikes and WHO you are!!

    so don’t even mention this…………

  6. Well I Live in Seattle and so many people are Lesbian or Gay but it is what makes them happy and gives them joy and ALL I WANT IS FOR PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY and love and care for each other and that is the only thing that matters is that people are happy and love each other and that is the only thing that matters and supporting and cheering the person on to joy and happyness in there lives.

  7. People are People and they have a life to live and no one in this world has a right to tell them it is wrong to love the same sex and be happy and in life you have no idea who your attracted to and when you find that it is the same sex..WHY NOT AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER FEEL GUILTY FOR LOVING SOME ONE and EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT LESBIAN! I have friends that are and I STILL LOVE AND CARE AND RESPECT MY FRIENDS AND I KNOW A COUPLE MEN I GREW UP WITH AND WENT TO SCHOOL WITH AND THEY ARE KNOW WOMAN AND THAT COOL WITH ME… I love my friends because they care about me and love me for me..

  8. If she wants to stay in Jersey and go black get her a date w/ Whitney Houston. If she wasnts a politician get her a date with Hillary, now that her “assistant” is prego.

    Catholic preists made the news by going after alter boys but not so much news is the lesbo nuns who go after the young girls!

  9. This woman have incredible lives and they get to spend money like crazy and they have no house work to do and they are going out to lunch everyday and they are picking on each other and having to put up with each other and dealing with trama and drama and I Live in Seattle and about half is Gay but that is there life style and there choice and as long as I am not dragged to the middle or harrassed to become gay..Then every thing is cool and it is alright and I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAY PEOPLE.

  10. calm down looney logenberry….good god

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