Oprah has hatched a plan to host the Oscars and she’s deep in negotiations with the Academy. She figures it would be a great way to drum up viewership for her struggling OWN network if she could have special backstage access for her cameras to capture her Oscar experience. She’d like to film preparations and rehearsals and have behind the scenes footage before and after the show exclusively for OWN. ABC is reluctant, but if Oprah doesn’t get what she wants, it’s likely she won’t host.

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  1. I know it’s hard but true.
    (she is sure it’s a handicap in life)

  2. No. No OWN, please Janet.
    Pretty please,

  3. Maybe she’ll hear enough backlash and so will the network, that it will be a moot point. We need Billy Crystal back. He’s the KING. Better than Bob Hope and his stale, obviously written for him jokes, or even debonaire Johnny Carson, who I can even recall in his tux from my childhood, in black and white, and young, fast, and funny as hell. I watched him with a face full of cold cream and rollers in my hair under a dotted yellow lace coverup.

    Billy Crystal needs to be given a lifetime hosting spot. His super original beginning spots were brilliant and I think people who regularly watch the Oscars still remember them fondly. I know he said it was a really hard job to pull off and putting those beginning acts together nearly killed him, but his country NEEDS HIM!

  4. Yes, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Ricky Gervaise, anyone but Oprah. Oprah would kill the entertainment value of the Oscars. If she hosts, get ready for a heartfelt, tissue and tears evening. Yuck.

  5. She will have to have at least two personal assistants backstage to looses up the spanx a little during the breaks so she can take a few deep breaths.

    Oh, and she’ll need a doctor standing by too, because she is sure to be weak from starving herself for a few days, trying desperately to lose a few pounds before the Oscars.

    I think Billy Crystal and Steve Martin would be much better choices. We are all Oprah-ed out.

  6. The four people who watch this want to be paid back Mz O.. you promised.. you said that you are leaving.. but you never ever go..

  7. Billy Crystal being wheeled on stage ala Hannibel Lecter. Classic.

  8. @Indy

    LOL but you forgot one thing, the cameras have to remain focused on her at all times.

  9. Thank God Oprah will always have something to do and of course she can be a guest any where in the world and every one love this amazing incredible woman,Who is smart and nice and kind and loving and thoughful and sweet and so she has a job forever and ever and it seems to me after the goodbye show..She is still on King 5 and they keep repeating her old stuff over and over and she is getting paid for the repeats? So she is not gone really…But it would be a real pleasure to see her! Host the Oscars and do other things as well and she is outstanding and a true blue angle on earth.

  10. Reta, Indy & Denise,

    I would prefer Billy Crystal or Steve Martin too. They are always entertaining and never boring (at least they haven’t been so far!)


    @Indy, Love the spanx comment! LOL 🙂

    My sweet wife has an ear & sinus infection. I’ve got to get her feeling better so she can enjoy the fourth with the kids and grandkids…….and of course, she is suppose to bake two cheesecakes (one blueberry & the other strawberry!) for Monday! They are so good that I swear I tremble just a little when I think of them. lol The youngest (he’s 3) is sick too so I am playing nurse this week & weekend.

  11. Walt: Spanx, yuck, I can’t imagine being tied down in that in these hot summer months. Well that’s the price you pay when you can’t do a few push-ups, like pushing up and away from the dinner table. lol

    Hope you and yours get well soon ahd have a great time.

    PS: Please Fed-Ex me a large slice of blueberry cheesecake ASAP. lol

  12. Yes, I’ll have the strawberry cheescake Walt if you would ask your dear wife when she is well to pass it down this way. I am in So. Calif. in the upper desert to be exact and it is hotter than holy hell which I am sure Indy will remind me is where people go who “don’t believe”…oh well, I can always call a moving truck! ( And a few sexy half naked fellows bulging with muscles to cart my stuff out wouldn’t be so bad)!

    Oprah can stand by the truck and direct them!

  13. Thanks Indy! Hope you and yours have a safe and enjoyable holiday too. I jogged an extra mile this morning to try and makeup for the over eating this weekend. I’ll try to get in an extra mile for the rest of the week to help out. I can’t resist holiday food, birthday dinners, anniversary dinners….any kind of special occasion is a reason to cook, grill or eat out. lol 🙂

    We’re also fixing fried green tomatoes!!! I love those things. Indy, if you don’t get the piece of cheesecake, know that I inhaled it myself and thought of you. lol 🙂



  14. Send Oprah and Hillary Clinton and Gayle and Ellen and Sam off to Lesbian Island for the 4th.

    I agree on Billy Crystal however.

  15. In the words of Tiny Tim: “God Bless us every one”.

    And may God Bless America !!!

  16. Reta, Please know that if you don’t receive a piece of strawberry cheesecake, I wolfed it down and thought of you (just like I did for Indy.) lol 🙂

    I tell my better half if she will just make the cheesecakes, then I will take care of the rest of the stuff. She and the little one are napping so I get some time on the computer!!

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  17. Reta darling, please take note….I have not said anything on this certain subject for a HELL of a long time. lol

  18. What’s your address, Walt?
    My Jessica makes a grand marnier, dark chocolate, mandarin orange cheescake that is criminally good.

  19. @Patrick, “…. grand marnier, dark chocolate, mandarin orange cheescake”

    What is YOUR ADDRESS?? That sounds even better than the blueberry cheesecake that I so adore!! Come to think of it, you have mentioned several yummy dishes that you or your better half whip up.

    Now, I have got to have something chocolate. Time to raid the fridge and freezers and cuboards!!

  20. everyone


    calm down!…..

    have some perspective.:

    “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.” –Kurt Vonnegut

    PS THIS is how I feel about OWN + its OWNER ( oops i 1st typed NOW which makes more sense):

    “This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible.
    This was terrible with raisins in it.”
    –Dorothy Parker

  21. I’m really sick of Oprah and her sanctimonious crap. She has billions, why does she even bother working anymore? Just go away. Go eat Gayle’s carpet and stop trying to tell the world how to live.

  22. Walt! A chocolate forage hah hah!
    We still have to hide the chips on the kids. You know, the big Chipits bag from Costco. No chips, no cookies.
    I found a half eaten bowl of chipits under my youngest daughters bed a while back. She had no idea how they got there?
    She’s thirteen in August, loves her Sea Cadets, is doing two weeks at borderline child abuse boot camp this summer. And still plays with her dinosaurs in the bath. It sounds like a Japanese monster movie in there.
    My little Sophie.

  23. I think it’s blatantly obvious that everyone is so tired of OW! Except of course her rich & famous celebrity friends.

    I did get sucked into watching that series about Sarah Ferguson though. Shame, shame

  24. Boring, I’m with you. Oprah needs to go away. Certain shows should be left to professionals, we want entertainment not another regurgitated pseudo speech from the throne of O. She is NOT entertaining.

    Indy, that’s 3 layers of Spanx, one can’t hold it.

  25. I gained ten pounds—just reading through this thread! 🙂

    Happy 4th to all.

  26. Wonder how much money she would readily give, if possible, for her to get to about 130 pounds, and be able to eat what she wants and not gain one pound. How many million? 500Mil? That’s what she might give, and still have about 1 and 1/2 billion (with a B left).It boggles the mind that one person has this much money and is still working and worrying about a new project. She must be entirely crazy by now.

  27. It seems like Oprah is never going to leave she is still on 5 komo station and they where just giving us false hope on this woman ending her career and I think she should just come back!!!So many people really miss her and that is the reason they are still running reruns on that station and yes she is a big part of are lives and maybe we don’t know how to live without her!!!!! Yes every one is talking about cheese cake and remember you have to use real butter and fresh cinnamon and real cream cheese and fresh eggs and baking soda and baking powder and salt and sugar and beat the hell out of it in a blender and of course the crust should be a cross between gramcracker and oat granola should be the base and but all in all secrets and more secrets added to the mix but rock it out and bake it slow and then you will simply know…And I hope every one who is going throw this cold is going to get better and Pure water is key to your health and massive orange juice and other juices and Homemade chicken soup with pure water and herbs and spices and garlic and onions and celery and potatos and corn and other veggies will make you well and Oprah looks like she is never going?

  28. Casonia Sade Logenberry..People are Lucky to be around Chef Gordon Ramsay..He is a good luck charm and that means your life is going to get better after crossing his path! He is remarkable and amazing and strong. says:

    Oprah keep crying Wolf..Is she ever going to leave? She keeps saying she is gone!But all talk and no action is really frustrating and..When are they going to remove her from chanel 5 komo…Is she ever going to leave or not…I am not trying to be rude but she has gone no wear and you keep her shows running and this is playing with peoples head and that is the reason..She is going to burn people out and turn off people..Yes she is a good woman and has done massive amount of things in this world to help people..Good for her but to lie and say this is the last show and every one is crying and saying goodbye and she is not gone is playing head games with people.

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