While we’re on the touchy subject of weight, Diddy comes to mind. Mediatakeout is teasing the billionaire hip hop mogul for living it up to the max this summer on his $100 million dollar yacht sailing the Mediterranean. The yacht is loaded with liquor and a large kitchen staff onboard is ready to prepare whatever indulgences that would please Diddy and his friends. Apparently Diddy has gone overboard when it comes to cuisine, and packed on around 60 pounds. They gleefully CLAIM he is now pushing 300 pounds (!) and posted this photo (above) to illustrate. This week he jumped onstage in Jacksonville, Florida where his current girlfriend, singer Yung Miami, was performing.

Photo: Mediatakeout

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3 thoughts on “MORE OF DIDDY TO LOVE

  1. What really happened is he ordered the hit on Tupac but somehow has evaded serving any prison time.

  2. Lonely. Unattached. Grieving. Playing around with young women instead of grown women who can support and challenge him. He will perpetually be alone.

  3. If you pay attention, you can see how many of Hollywood’s celebs are OFF their multidecades-long daily doses of androgen blockers and hormones that allowed them to masquerade as the opposite sex. Will Smith with his big hips is now being shown to be a F2M transgender. Jada is looking more male than he ever has! PDiddy has boobs! They are all reverting to their actual genders.
    Pay Attention. That is why all of them are looking so weird lately: Tom Cruise with his puffy face is from coming off testosterone taken daily. Same as Sylvester Stallone. Remember when he was busted by TSA for carrying a suitcase full of T when he’d gone to a foreign country for a film shoot. Sly HAS to take T to remain MALE – their entire livelihoods depend on staying the opposite gender of what they were born as. Now they are all reverting and the world will soon begin to notice that we’ve all been lied to for decades.

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