Variety has just revealed what we already knew- that Will Smith’s career is “in a significant and precipitous decline.” What we didn’t expect is that Jada Pinkett Smith’s public image is also damaged. A company called Q Scores measures celebrity star power and appeal – they stated that Will was one of the top ten most positively rated actors BEFORE the Oscar slap (up there with Tom Hanks etc.) After the slap, Will handled the situation poorly: he made a vague and stiff apology via social media. His handlers realized that wasn’t enough, and pushed him to try and salvage his reputation with a sincere video. Smith’s self-righteous attitude in the video made it evident he was being forced to do it and couldn’t wait to get it over with, although he was saying the things his advisors told him to. He acted like he’s not sorry and never will be. The video was as oblivious to reality as his Oscar behavior. Through it all, Jada was silent and when she FINALLY made a comment, she acted like she was NOT involved and “hopes these two men can reconcile.” It didn’t help HER public image at all. Fans were left wondering if Will is NOT the decent guy they thought he was. The release of Will’s film Emancipation has been postponed until next year.

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  1. You are spot on, Janet. Will and Jada still have a lot of groveling to do if they want to be in good graces with the public. I think they have permanently ruined their reputations and will need to get accustomed to being part of the D-List crowd going forward.

  2. Their scientology handlers really messed this up.

    What started out as a poorly written gag ended up destroying what was left of Jada’s career.

    She was relying on the horrible podcast to pay the scientology bills she and will ran up.

  3. My suspicion is that Will is a man who doesn’t understand humor but thinks he does, and that was why he did the slap, and why he can’t apologize for it. That can be a fairly harmless. How the two of them have really destroyed their children by not training them properly is a real crime, though.

  4. What’s next for Jada? A wardrobe malfunction ? lol. She’s tried everything even scientology

  5. I find them both to be very disturbing. Would not accept an invitation to stay overnight at their house, ever.

  6. In the old days we simply called them out for being alternate universe entitled assholes.
    It seems to be more complicated now.
    It sure shone a light on “some people” for their initial reactions and comments.

  7. What a couple of obnoxious self important assholes.
    Why dont they just fade into obscurity.

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