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Mickey Rourke had some unusual room service during his recent stay at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. He had a technician bring his equipment and transplant hair plugs on his scalp in the privacy of his own room. Maybe he doesn’t want his young Russian girlfriend back in New York to know about it.


  1. Is he dating Helen Keller? How stupid is his girlfriend if she wouldn’t notice he had more hair all of a sudden? C’mon, Janet. I’m sure by now she’s seen him without the wig.

  2. Mickey’s classing himself up, the jacket and shirt are beautiful and look like Japanese tech fabric.

  3. That is one disgusting dude and poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong.

  4. I for one am glad to see Mickey is back. He should however, button up that shirt.

  5. He needs a lot more hair so he can grow it to cover that hideous face that he ruined with surgery

  6. People go on about his plastic surgery, but I doubt he would have looked much better without it. Some people — in part because of their ethinicity — do not age well, particularly if they lived hard. Mickey’s Irish origins have not helped him any.

  7. Don’t judge. Altering one’s appearance is the rule, not the exception these days. Whatever he wants to do is fine. He’s probably quite aware that some of his old augmentation attempts haven’t worked out as well as he’d hoped. No need for you to rub his nose in it.

  8. Mickey used to be HOT. I have this feeling now that the only thing we have in common is our rare distain for reality TV. I imagine that he spends most of his time running (with his little dogs) from ANYthing that smacks of reality TV. This is just my illusion. I have no actual evidence. LOL

  9. Give the guy a break…he is a brilliant actor, like up there with de Niro and always has been.

    In the eighties, Mickey was the most beautiful man in Hollywood. Ok, now he isn’t so pretty, but he has a great body and hey, I hear he’s hung like a jury!

  10. Uh Kait? I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this and getting all hurt by it

  11. TJF, really? Most beautiful man in Hollywood? I would concede that he was very sexy, had a great deal of animal magnetism. Hell, in 9 1/2 Week, he probably made all the gay guys, and 10 percent of the straight guys, want him. But beautiful?

  12. I don’t think I’d use the word beautiful, but maybe he was a stud. But time and everything know to man has happen to him and well just look at him.

  13. dee cee, I recently saw him on The Jonothan Ross show, and he behaved like a total douche, lusting after the women on the show. He is as classy as a pair of Come F**k Me boots.

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