Lock up your teenagers. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian are pushing to get teens to talk their parents into buying them prepaid Mastercards with the sisters photos on them – all for the ridiculous price of $99.95 a year. (Never mind that similar cards WITHOUT the sisters mugs can be had for $29.95 or less.) The Kardashians reason that these cards will help teens learn about money. And who knows more about money than Kim, who pays $30,000 for a handbag! Ironically, Brandy Norwood’s mother sued the Kardashian sisters in 2008 for abusing her credit card to the tune of $120,000. So they DO know a lot about spending other people’s money!


  1. I want to write something witty and cutting edge but all I can think of is ‘silly twats’.

  2. They want all girls to be as self involved as they are, spending too much money on things they don’t need; has any one of these girls ever picked up a book?

  3. Didn’t we, two years ago, experience the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? And has America yet to get out of it?

    This is yet another example of the complete insensitivity of both celebs and the corporate world. I share Pippa’s sentiment…but I would have used a word other than “twat” — starts with C and ends with T and rhymes with “bunts”.

  4. it’s pretty clear to me this khloe(COW) kardashian isn’t related in any way to the other girls I love so much?

  5. They’re not silly, they’re raking in that cash. The silly twats are the ones who fork out to get a card with their image on it and more so if they live on credit

    Capt. that’s the most coherent sentence I’ve read from you!! I think it is likely the tall sister has one different biological parent to the others.

  6. Oh this is economic development for women. The plan is to include a DIY SEX TAPE/HOME WORKER kit with each card. Welcome to the New America, brought to you by The Kardashian Family Values Meets Wall Street Corruption.

    You gotta keep smiling, or….just go to the thrift stores like the rest of the country. You know, the real women who work in the bank lobbies. Yeah, those. Take that, Kardashians. Trolls.

  7. Somewhere out there is a family who will make this purchase for their princess because they believe these ” C- see U- you N- next T- Tuesdays are roll models for their darlings.

    The balls on this clan makes me ill.

  8. Time for us to turn out the lights and tell them frankly go home and darken our doorway and life no more.. is long over due.

  9. That anyone would pay $100 for a debit card really illustrates how our society has gone off the rails.

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