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All we can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME that Michelle Pfeiffer got her star on Hollywood Boulevard. Sometimes we have serious doubts about the so-called celebrities honored on the Walk of Fame, but in her case, we’re all for it. She’s a real star.

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  1. Can someone please explain why in the world RYAN SEACREST got a star before Michelle and BARBARA WALTERS?
    Ryan’s a great guy, and he works his butt off, but COME ON.
    Hollywood is so politicaly twisted. That glass celing needs to be shattered already.

  2. “Can someone please explain why in the world RYAN SEACREST got a star before Michelle and BARBARA WALTERS?”
    The Stars on the Walk of Fame are not ‘awarded’ as much as they are purchased. The celebs generally give money to a favorite charity of the committee and then are ‘awarded’ their star. I don’t think it was always this way, but these days the stars ASK for the award.
    Side note:
    Michelle Pfeiffer is FANTASTIC!

  3. Margo is right. The stars are not given out. They have to be paid for (I believe upwards of $25,000) and a petition/letter has to be written on behalf of the star. Usually it is a charity that nominates the star and pays the fee.
    I also agree w/ Margo – Michelle is a great actress!

  4. She is a little older, a little wiser and with a little more style. She is amazing.

  5. She looks amazing, love the extensions! And no way does that no-talent closet case Ryan deserve a star. He’s not a star, not even an actor.

  6. Qne of the most talented & beautiful women in hollywood. I wish the press would concentrate their efforts reporting on REAL stars like Michelle and not the other wanne-bees that they report on. This woman is long deserving of this award. Look forward to seeing & hearing more of her projects.

  7. FANTABLUOSLY talented, beautiful,ageless, I could go on & on. She can act in any genre.

  8. She is a great actress, but please, she’s had plenty of physical help. And the photo agencies love her so much that they never show her in bad lighting or without some strategic touchups.

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