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Love, love, love, this classic photo by Brad Elterman! It’s around 1979 and Michael Jackson and Tatum O’Neal were “dating,” and they went to some kind of party together. Michael is wearing a Florida souvenir shirt with all the cities’ names on it and rhinestone palm trees. Tatum is around 16 and Michael’s around 21 in this photo. Michael claimed Tatum tried to seduce him and Tatum insists she did NOT. Who do you believe?
Incidentally, we hear that Debbie Rowe just did some sort of magazine interview that might clarify the genetic composition of Michael’s kids with her. Hard to believe, however, since her income is directly related to keeping her mouth zipped up.

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  1. Janet, I love it when you turn to the Dead Sea Scrolls for gossip!

  2. These two are living proof of the damage stage parents do. Joe Jackson ruined every one of his kids (there’s not one normal one) and so did Ryan O’Neal. They push the kids to be little adults rather than children, and then when the children are successful, they resent them bitterly. Oh, and even at 16, Tatum knew Michael had no interest in her, given that she was a girl.

  3. Isn’t his single “She’s Out of My Life” describing the breakup of their relationship?

  4. MJ also claimed Madonna tried to seduce him when they did their big Oscar date together. That is about as hetero as he gets.
    Don’t men usually brag THEY seduce women? Hmmm…
    Actually the kids to me look like Debbie Rowe – who they don’t look like is Michael. They are white, white, white. At least the first 2. Don’t know anything about “Blanket” (what a stupid name)

  5. Janet, why on Earth are you covering events that purportedly happened in 1979? How do you dream up this stuff?

  6. ^She does it because the past is just as bizaar as the present.

  7. I like the old photos – Brad has been there and shot that. But Janet c’mon, more rock and roll groupie stories! If you’re gonna go old school – then SPILL! I know you were a nasty girl – we all were… Sign me, still buggin’

  8. I love the vintage photos. I read Tatum’s bio, but I don’t recall what she said about Michael Jackson, if anything at all. I agree with the above poster who said stage parents screw up their kids. Can there be any bigger proof of that than Tatum O’Neal and Michael Jackson?

  9. So anywhoooo…
    What’s Jerry Falwell up to these days? We’ve not heard from him in a coon’s age.
    Did he ever lose the weight and get the breast reduction surgery he wanted?

  10. Yeah.. as if we care. Even Madonna thought he was a freak and too strange to seduce.

  11. Which one of his noses is this one? And what NORMAL 21 year old male would go all EEEWWWWW about a GIRL trying to SEDUCE them? He supposedly also claimed that Brook Shields tried to get in his pants…YIKES!!! SAVE ME FROM THE IMAGE….MY EYEBALLS ARE SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!
    And YES his all pure white kids cannot POSSIBLY be blood related to HIM he was DARK before his supposed vitaligo/bleaching “turned him” and he chopped up his face into the monster/alien he is today (wonder what those poor kids think when they have to call HIM daddy?)

  12. Some of these comments are as dumb as the people who wrote them. I guess when people die that’s what they do. Idiots! I guess Janet writes about this because they didnt have the internet in the 70’s. DUH! She probably also writes about it because some people dont know. I got to go because i’m online with a bunch of ignorant people.

    -í ισνε m¿ ( ŕ.í.ρ. )

  13. Hey!!!Michael is a great father to his children!!!don’t say words that you’re not sure of!!!!Do you think that Paris would waste her tears crying for Michael if she doesn’t love him?…geez,people!!!MICHAEL IS A GREAT PERSON INSIDE AND OUT!!!Tatum and Brooke are lying!!!Tatum said they first met when she’s 12 and Michael is 17..!!Tatum got into drugs because of something that Michael is not responsible!!!!!!!DIE ALL MICHAEL JACKSON hATERS!!!

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