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Some of Melanie Brown’s acquaintances who are not going to Egypt for her renewed vows wedding are amazed by the former Spice Girl’s lavish plans. Page 6 wrote about the planned wedding where all the guests (hopefully celebrities) must sign releases before the event so the resulting video and photos can be sold, supposedly for a lot of money. Mel’s friends wonder if her husband Stephen “Belafonte,” who calls himself a producer, is producing this event. He is very skillful at spending his wife’s money and hasn’t been working lately. Also, her friends would love to know WHO would be dumb enough to PAY big bucks for exclusive rights. They also wonder if Melanie is hard up for money.

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  1. She’s always high on something…listen to how she gushes excessively.

  2. She’s always high on something…listen to how she gushes excessively.

  3. This tough old broad is clueless about many things. I hope her back hurts from getting her tits maxxed out as far as the surgeon could carry them.

  4. I am surprise that they’ve been married for a year already. When is she going to wake up and realize that this marriage was a mistake? I have friends that know this guy, and they say that he’s a big ole’ douchebag, actually the worst of his kind. She better get out now before it’s too late. She thought Eddie Murphy was an asshole, well Eddie is an angel (no pun attended) compare to this loser.

  5. Under Obama, the middle class will disappear just like in Venezuela.

  6. How much blow were they doing when HE came up with that brainy idea!!? He does know she’s not that famous any longer right? He’s pimped her to playboy and then what? I’m sure the sex tape is just around the corner, It’s so predictable. Then comes the bankruptcy, IRS and divorce courts…yadda yadda..
    Get the “true hollywood story” producers on the phone….LOL

  7. Melanie’s appetite for vagina is eclipsed only by her quest for fame. Sounds like Hillary but at least Eddie was smart enough to see through her coniving.

  8. Vote against the anti american candidate that is supported by radicals,communists and terrorists, CHANGE could be dangerous.

  9. First time ever saw her without her fake tits pushed up to the max and barely covering her nips. btw, she is still soooo pissed that she came in number 2 on DWTS. tee hee.

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