Mel Gibson,58, has done a great job of disguising himself. He showed up in Cannes to promote his movie The Expendables 3 with this highly unattractive beard. Remember, Mel was once voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine and no one protested. His pretty face was the ticket to Mel’s success (who didn’t love Mad Max?) but now it’s totally and voluntarily covered. He’s about to start filming another move, Blood Father soon, and we bet the facial hair will be gone. He must be secretly thrilled by the Donald Sterling tape scandal, having barely survived his own tape scandal. Coincidentally, both Donald and Mel were taped by their girlfriends! At least Mel knows he’s not the only dumb guy in Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. He’s never been sexy to me and I can’t remember ever paying to see this creep!

  2. Janet you have an axe to grind with Mel? He is 58 years old. Give him a break!

  3. totally agree with the comment above.

    how on earth can anyone expect a 58 year old (MAN OR WOMAN) to look as they did 20 decades earlier?!


    Mel G got new dentures, the dentures look terrible but better than his natural teeth which were always disgusting.

  4. Long history of making revolting sexist and racist comments, boozing, cheating and being a general CREEP. When these kinds of losers go after much younger women to boost their male ego, then they get what they deserve.

  5. no, he drives a Harley Davidson ‘Sturgis’ these day’s.

  6. The new teeth really stood out to me. I doubt they are dentures, probably caps or veneers. His smile is a bit strained and awkward. The teeth must be very new.

  7. He looks like the creep he is. Ditto on the new teeth. Yikes!

  8. EEwww, just eeww…. and the Barry Gibb teeth… triple eeww…

  9. @kitty Once again you are scolding Mel Gibson like you do in every article about him in this site. Whats the matter hun? Why so butthurted toward a man whom you have never met and who has never done anything to you?Did Mel reject your ugly old a$$? Or is it because you are a gold-digger and just like Oksana, you had no luck either?? Mel Gibson doesnt give a f**k what you think about him honey. The man is worth HALF BILLION and he was an International SEX SYMBOL for 25 years. Mel was People’s First SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, he is the reason that title exists in the first place and he was considered so for his beautiful baby blues;most beautiful male eyes that ever graced the screen, for his radiant smile, for the symmetry of his facial features and for his athletic body. Women swoon over him and bowed down to him. And he still looks good for his age. Your bias & your absurd hate cannot change all that. Let see how you will look at the age of 58, let see 😉
    @anonTWO Mel’s natural teeth were perfect, not too big, not too small and Mel had always a beautiful smile and thats a fact.
    @diva Like I said to the moron above @kitty, let see how good you and your teeth will look at the age of 58, let see. Karma is one son of a bitch and it always gets those who bash others for no reason
    @Haruri EW back at you for being such a disgusting human being. Again loser, let see how you and the others idiots who scold Mel, will look at the age of 58. I know very well butthurted people like you guys. When a person is at the top, you are keen on sucking his d**k. Once this person says something you dislike, you all jump in insults and slurs against him.
    Butthurts, keep hating until hate destroyes your miserable life. People who have a life, dont waste it hating people whom they have never met. Mel Gibson doesnt give a f**k for you all. He is busy sc**wing young ladies & enjoying his life as a multi-millionaire.

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