Kim and Kanye spotted an ice cream shop in Paris and impulsively decided to indulge in cones. As they walked out they were surrounded by paparazzi and fans, but managed to maintain their blank expressionless faces – even while enjoying ice cream! Judging by the fit of her jeans, Kim should have gotten a smaller scoop- it looks like her denim might explode with the addition of one more calorie.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Wow, America is Trillions of dollars in debt. I’m sure Kim and Kanye have asked to be paid in Euros rather than the worthless American Dollar.

    The Obama’s want you to focus on Kim and Kanye so you can forget the fact that you are on Food Stamps and get your groceries at the Food Bank.

    See what happened to Detroit? This is only the beginning. China Owns America. You let it happen.

  2. They “impulsively” decided to indulge? LOL Translation they called the paps days in advance and gave them their itinerary.

  3. Ooooh danger! Revolting wide load and it’s crazy, tactless nutter approaching.. really we should not make fun of the deformed and severely handicapped..

  4. wy isn’t her black F*ggot, kanye west, forbidding these things?

    hahahahahahahahahahahaahaaha, that ASS!!

  5. More JC Kardashian news!

    No woman has had as much BLACK meat and is such a disgrace to her race.

  6. Their family is circling the drain now, thank God. We just saw that the Jenner girls can’t even read. Everybody wants to blame Kris but I blame both parents.

  7. Only a gay man, or a computer nerd who never comes up for air, would wear his shirt buttoned up to the neck.

  8. What a pair! He’s a mouth -breathing , knuckle- dragging egomaniacal idiot—-and she… as dumb as a box of bricks! Married in Versailles??— Oh, give me an ‘effing break! Total scum the pair of them!

  9. It’s sad a white woman would inject her butt with foreign matter to turn on black men. Kim is walking around in tight jeans and the most ugly shaped ass I’ve ever seen. It would be different if her rear end was shapely and attractive, but it’s atrocious! She really has a disgusting look ass even for black men. Kanye must be smoking crack with Lamar. Khloe had the same procedure and her ass is f*cked up too.

  10. Ice cream is the last thing she needs with that ENORMOUS ass

  11. Her ass keeps getting wider. Saddle-bag implants? Must be a new thing.

  12. must be stretch denim to cover that HUGE ass they are both so disgusting and classless

  13. For a woman who is photographed every day of her life, it is hard to believe that she would
    end up marrying a “sour puss grumpy old dude”
    like Kanye West who appears to have issues with
    the press. I know that her family has made him welcomed, and treat him like a member of the family,but marriage to him seem like a whole New definition of marital bliss. Just Saying!!

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