We can live without his mustache, but Matthew McConaughey’s kids Levi and Vida and girlfriend Camila Alves certainly are cute. They appear to be happily unmarried and have no wedding plans in the immediate future, but Matthew adds “It doesn’t mean I love her any less.” The family was spotted at LAX.


  1. Ah, Matty McConaughey.

    Just saying the name outloud makes me put my hands together, down in my Lady Hamper’s Snackateria and enjoy the deepest parts of my Whisker Biscuit.

    Damn girl, I could use a little of Matty’s trouser gravy right about now.

  2. Yeah right! This woman wants a ring, and it’s only a matter of time before she gives Ol’ Matty the ultimatum. Marry me or I’m outta her, back on the first plane to Brazil.

  3. Just another example of the ridiculous side show freaks that come out of Texas. incl.bHillary Duff, Jessica Simpson,GW Bush, serial doper Lance Armstrong, “Doctor’ Phil, John Hagee etc.

  4. With 2 children and No hint of marriage, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that every time that Matt gets into that amorous mood,Camilla feel less valuable. For Matthew to openly make a statement that “it doesn’t mean that he loves her less” he is the egomaniac who has the girl, the 2 children, and a full time housekeeper without offering her the security of knowing that if he decides that she is No longer what he has in mind for the future, he can walk and talk at the same time on his way out the door.
    By all indications Camilla is “trapped” by a thing called love!!

  5. These two babies are two of the most gorgeous Hollywood children ever. Camilla has her own job modeling and she hosted a show about hairstyling. She is very personable and beautiful and I’m sure she can work any time she wants. I don’t know why they need that nanny tho. I had two sons and raised them fine by myself. I don’t understand what’s up with all these Hollywood people who can’t do anything by themselves today. Raise your own children people and they will love and respect you and maybe not tear up the town, go drunk driving, or bar hopping every night like Paris Hilton, or kill themselves going 130 mph like that Jackass fool.

    Sorry for the rant people…

  6. PS: Matt…buy the hot chick who birthed you two beautiful kids a damn diamond ring you asshole. You’re really NOT all THAT!!!

  7. Reta to further that about raising your children correctly you could of added, “and rioted and wrecked Vancouver like the rich kid assholes” after the Stanley Cup loss.
    Pippa, missed your bitchy self.
    Pussy Wentworth. Welcome.

  8. I don’t think Matty is all that. Maybe she is the one turning him down.

  9. And that’s why Lance Armstrong didn’t get a ring.

    she’s a lesbian too?

  11. I don’t think Matthew is as great looking as he thinks he is. I read somewhere that Camilla’s parents are not at all pleased with this shackup arrangement; they want all Brazil to know their little girl caught a big movie star. I think he doesn’t want to be tied down in case he gets bored and some other little slut wiggles by and catches his eye.

  12. They have two adorable little children. I hope they can get along marriage or not and make a good home for these little ones. I think even if marriage was involved, I can’t see him practicing monogamy.

  13. Didn’t his mom and dad married each other three times???

  14. He was living in his Airstream under the Lion’s Gate bridge a few years ago. I bumped into him outside the Commodore one night. He liked the puff puff. Nice guy.

  15. Lucky woman gets to have his Baby is lucky mother and he is Hot and sexy and really got it going on and He is Smooth and a real Blond and his Body is smoking hot and he has a really nice smile and yes little lady…What is wrong with creating a family and having Beautiful children with this fantastic man! You don’t have to be married!

  16. Casonia,
    I think you need to stand in front of the fridge and cool down a bit. If Janet published a photo of Matthew in his swim trucks, I fear we would lose you completely.
    LOL 🙂 (Just teasing Ya. All in good fun)

  17. I agree with cal. Why are we assuming that she wants to marry and he doesn’t?

    Oh, and Pussy dear. You sound like you might give Mrs. Patrick Campbell a run for her sexual metaphor.

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