Sean Diddy Combs quietly settled a civil lawsuit with a woman who was shot in the FACE by his protege, according to Fox News. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, and Jamal Barrow were together at a New York club in 1999 when an argument started and Barrow pulled out a gun and started firing. He was convicted of shooting two bystanders – most seriously wounded was Natania Reuben, who just collected 1.8 million from Diddy. Barrow served 9 years in prison and was deported back to Belize. After than horrible night, Jennifer Lopez was advised to dump her boyfriend Diddy, and she did. THAT’S an episode she’d like to forget.


  1. Why is this man considered ‘famous’? Are you joking America?

  2. I really didn’t know the full story about that night. It is very sad and shocking to read that a lady was shot in the face. i don’t think a million would compensate for this crime but at least she got something.

    P Diddy’s sizzle kind ofd fizzle when J Lo left him. He has not been the same since. In this pic J Lo looks tired and bored. Their egos had enough of each other.

  3. Why did Combs have to pay the 1.8 mil if the other dude started the fight and did the shooting? I don’t get it. (Also that is NOT enought money, I agree!)

    Oh, and in advance: strom SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  4. By the way, why is this guy always pictured with his mouth hanging open like this…mouth breather…doesn’t he have any idea how unappealing it looks and makes him look (severely)mentally challenged?!

  5. She should’ve gotten 10 million. I thought the shooter was an employee of “diddy”?

  6. JLo needed advice to dump that thug? That proves she’s a dumb bell.

  7. hahaha, serious?
    …………. BLACK ASSHOLE-COMBS is supporting her?

  8. Ha, good going JC. The real J Lo comes out in this picture as she really is. Very plain looking and dressed to instantly provide BLACK Puffy Combs with unlimited amounts of sex from each opening so long as he makes her FAMOUS.

    Credit should be given to her management to make her a star because she has no personality and cant sing or act. She is very much the ghetto girl through and though and may well be back with BLACK Puffy on the sly.

    Amazing that the poor and ignorant young hispanics see her as a role model.

  9. True but Jen was happy to service him so long as he could help her gsain fame.

  10. How many hundreds of times did she suck the Diddy’s diddy?

  11. Strom, I come here to catch up on the gossip,as Janet has a somewhat more intelligent take on that then a lot of others. However, YOU are a big draw. I read your comments with awe and shock that such a miserable and one faceted racist still spews such hatred.If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious. What a little life you have.

  12. I am happy she had children it was about time and after being married so many times and no children and no family of her own would had been a real bummer and she looks great and is in wonderful shape and her children are Beautiful and she did her blood line and united the family in more just a name.. Of course we have pass lovers to learn about lives and learn about are selfs and know she has something that really works and something that make her happy and puts a smile on the most beautiful woman in the world or one of the most?

  13. Good grief, I don’t know who’s more confusing, the American or Casonia (I don’t need no stinking punctuation) Logenberry.

    Now about JLo, she sure did get a lot of mileage out of that dress. If I recall, it was only after she showed up in that Versace dress (forget which awards show it was) that she started getting a lot of attention and press. No talent needed, just a flash of flesh and woohoo, instant fame.

  14. Well as we sometimes say here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, light dawns on Marblehead. Just looked at the picture again and noticed the Grammy symbol.

  15. Strom is so damn DUMB.

    Always OUTING himself as a closet lover of dusky male flesh. Strom you are so GAY. Anti-Gay equals GAY. Silly closeted moron!!

  16. Not a gay molecule here. Amazing the attacks on those who they dont even know.

    This picture says more about class than any words could reveal. BLACK Puffy dressed to the hilt but likes his women dressed as straight out ho’s. J Lo was happy to provide the look of trash to Puffy along with mega amounts of ass so long as she gained fame from it. Puffy has long been known as a back door man and used those talents throughout the relationship, putting the black snake to the hilt.

    Jen’s management looks better each day for making famous a nothing….a Kardashian before there were Kardashians.

  17. “Amazing the attacks on those who they dont even know.”

    Bwauhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The you are THEE BIGGEST BITCH on JCH!! Always trashing minorities and gays.

    That pic is over 10 years old get over it and go get under your black boyfriend LOL

  18. The picture that time forgot maybe but it is one that cant be hidden…..a quest for fame with no holds barred and willing to let BLACK Puffy do as he pleases if he will make her famous!

  19. This is the picture of the true J Lo…very plain Hispanic with no taste in dress… it seems Marc was tired of her and boning BLACK Jada!

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