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Kim Kardashian figured all eyes would be glued to her 2 million dollar engagement ring when she appeared as a guest judge on the Project Runway show -so it wouldn’t matter that her dress was ridiculously short and tight and she had to sit on a stool. The ring was distracting, but not enough to draw attention away from her white underwear. We wonder if she needs a security guard wherever she goes wearing that ring…



  1. Oh for goodness sake, I can’t believe this made the news.

    Oh well, I am thinking what most people are……at least she is wearing underwear.

  2. What a shame this woman is for all of America.

  3. What a cheap looking getup.

    Those panties are covering what is reported to be a very large clam….tried out by a large number of BLACKS.

    I think even the dykes would pass on that one.

  4. These people get on my nerves. They are shallow and annoying.

  5. A ring that she purchased with her own money over a year ago. Reportedly cost 700K. Still pricey, but not 2Million.

  6. Pippa, you can have her. 🙂 The very sound of her voice grinds on my nerves.

  7. @ Walt Cliff:

    By Now I am curious about the future in-laws feeling about The Kardashians. Between parents, siblings,cousins, and friends,I will bet any amount of play dough that there is a deep sigh in the Kris Humphries Kamp holding their breath and hoping that Kris Humphries get over his temporary case of puppy love and show Kim K the exit door. I find it hard to believe that a future mother-in-law have the desire to have all that Kardashian baggage joining their family for vacations, holidays and barbeques. PEACE!!

  8. Hard to believe she actually wore white panties with a black outfit. What I don’t get about today’s girls/women is they don’t seem to wear slips under their dresses and skirts. A slip could save a visual like this from happening.

  9. Ugh, can’t stand this creeptastic family. Has anyone else seen this alien up close? She wears so much makeup you feel like you’re in a toxic haze, like smog. Also, one of them, the male jerk that had the baby with the oldest one, was driving near us on the 101 freeway recently. He was driving like a maniac, cutting everyone off right and left. Including us, and we had kids in the car with us. He was driving a lamborghini or some such super expensive car. Total pig. What the hell is wrong with our country that we treat untalented whores like these parasites as bona fide celebrities?

  10. I really doubt that’s underwear, perhaps her last john still stuck up there. What a talentless idiot.

  11. Kim’s going to need a hair transplant or she better start stocking up on Rogaine. Always having her hair tightly pulled back will result in major hair loss by the time she hits menopause.

  12. And she’ll be really hairy everywhere else, like her chin.

  13. @Leo, I see what you mean. Kim’s mother, Kris, is a savvy business woman but she is also a nosey in-your-face type personality. That could be problem if the boyfriend’s mom or dad has similar personality traits. I could see some major head-butting. The father used to play football and he has two sisters that compete in swimming.

    Plus, Kim will be 31 in Oct. and Kris H. is only 26. The parents might view Kim as an older more worldly woman. This is Kim’s second marriage.

    Another thing that truly bugs me about the Kardashian family is that they have no disregard for truly graphic subject matters at the dinner table whether they have guests or not. I didn’t hear language like that in the service. Futhermore, I didn’t hear many vulgar words in our family unless Uncle Milton drank one too many mint juleps after dinner on Sunday. That’s when he would tell the men folk about this Georgia peach that took her clothes off at a club in Atlanta and was wearing nothing but a bucktoothed grin. lol

  14. @ Walt Cliff:

    Please continue to share your “interesting and humorous” stories about family and friends.
    Again, I will say it (in the voice of Nathan Lane as Timon the meerkat in The Lion King) “you’re killing me.” Talk about a laugh a minute!!
    You know years ago, when Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens,they were having marital problems so Promoter Don King “insisted” that they go on an African Safari, and of course Robin’s Mother tagged along (thinking Kris Jenner here). About 2:00 a.m. Robin wakes up Mike Tyson with “Michael, Michael wake up, my mother’s gone.
    A smiling Iron Mike ask “are you sure?” After getting up and “unloading” his rifle they walk a few yards, and as sure as could be there was a lion perched up on a rock,roaring at Robin’s mother. Robin stumped her foot at Mike, and said “Michael, Michael,quick do something, that lion is going to get my mother.” A smiling Mike Tyson says in his child-like voice,” Now what can I say “Wobin” that lion got himself into that mess, Now it is up to him to get himself out “tof” itt!”

  15. @Leo,
    Oh my goodness, your the one killing me. Love the “Wobin” story. Too funny!!!!!!LOL

  16. The Ring is on her finger and that means she is going to need a guard 24/7 and what kind of life is that? She is going to get Robbed walking down the street alone and that means she better watch her back.. Just be careful little lady and yes you can show that to all your family and friends and love ones and you have to marry him or the man is going to get the ring back.

  17. When a stone is that big, it usually looks fake whether it is or not. Here’s betting it is a man-made diamond, not worth anything like $2Mil.

  18. @Indy:
    You are so right, it reminds me of one of my “day diamonds!!”

  19. Wow, so many comments, so little time. First of all, I’m with Shirley in stating the obvious. At least she’s wearing underwear. The ring does look fake, and I have difficulty believing that the kid bought it for her. As for his parents, if my son was grown and brought this disgusting girl and her baggage home, I would be rendered speechless, which is not a normal state for me.

    I didn’t have an Uncle Milton like Walt (another classic) but we were never allowed to talk the way these people do. I watched one episode where Khloe called the mother a “fucking retard”. If I had ever called my mother a retard, never mind using “the f word”, she would have knocked me through a wall and called it a new window.

    But what I absolutely do not understand, is how the family seems to completely disregard the whole sex video thing. I can’t even imagine my daughter making such a movie and getting famous from it.

    Done now.

  20. @ Denise:
    I hear you!!
    I know a few weeks ago, Khloe and Kourtney went on a late Night talk show and talked about putting mayonnaise on the VaJayJay to make it shine. What woman with an ounce of pride and intelligence would go on TV in front of millions of people and talk about something so private. I only mention it because I may be temporarily surprised, but Never shocked about anything that these loose women do. Back in the day when a young woman was going out for an innocent Night out, there was the reminder of “keep your panties around your waist”. But with The Kardouchians they are encourage to tell all and to show all. There are No secrets in that family. For Bruce to be their step father,there is No shame in what they will talk about in front of him. How do I know this?? I catch that show (sometimes) in bits and pieces while channel surfing. I can only take this shameless herd of cattle in very small doses.
    If my late 3rd grade teacher knew that I would respond with a comment to a rowdy bunch like the K’s, she would have me stand in a corner all day on 1 foot!!

  21. How funny that she adds extensions for fuller looking hair, but those same extensions are pulling the real hair from her scalp. In the end she will have to wear wigs to the gym. Lol!

  22. @Leo, mayonnaise?!? Who the he!! wants a shiny VaJayJay?

    I secretly wonder how many people tried it out.

  23. KIMK thinks we care about her, when really we don’t. She really isn’t good at anything, but dating. wonder how long her marriage will last? Maybe longer than the first one?

  24. @ Denise:
    When I saw that clip a few weeks ago,Khloe and Kourtney were completely at ease while bringing up,and talking about such an “unheard of ritual” in front of an audience.
    I was blown away to hear that 2 women would even consider having a topic of such “low”
    conversation. Between my phone and yours,I can easily between that they are the only 2 tell all woman to think of and act on such an unheard of prank!!

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