Thirty years ago Dale Bozzio was singing “Walking in LA/Nobody Walks in LA” with the new wave band Missing Persons and she looked like this. Remind you of anyone?

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  1. Well, I’m a musician. So whether or not DB deserves any credit it’s only PEOPLE LIKE YOU, JANET, who believe Gaga to be at all, original…

  2. Frank, Janet is not saying Gagme is an original. By posting this she is saying that Gagme is an imposter (as far as I’m concerned). And there are far far better singers a dime a dozen so to speak. In fact, I don’t even consider her a singer. Not much of a range, and all flash and show. She reminds me of a magician who distracts with one hand while he steals your wallet with the other.

  3. Unfortunately the copykat is making a lot more $$$ than the original!

  4. Reta, you should check out Lady gaga’s live concert sometime. She really can sing. I’m not so much a fan of her ridiculous get-ups, but she definately does have talent. At least she can sing live!!

  5. I love her song, Do u hear me, do u care..
    If gaga look is not original maybe her music is not original as well.

  6. @Hello,

    I love that song (Words) too. Also like, Destination Unknown. They were such a cool band in their day.

  7. what happened to this chic? does anyone know? heroin overdose by chance?

  8. I Like her little funky sound of music and when you look at her and see her little style it kind of reminds me of Lady Ga..Ga in the making as far as shape and body type..Which is Cute and very pretty color lady! Who is creative and smart in style like no other and she was ahead of herself and she had that little sweet… Little song that was nice and spicy and of course she is raising her family and she is a mother and some times it is best to just take time out to be with her wonderful husband and I had never seen any one dress the way she did and it takes massive amount of nerve to create something that no one else has ever done but I Bet she is doing well and warm wishes go out to her and her family.

  9. @skittles

    The last I ever read about Ms. Dale Bozzio, age 56, (former playboy playmate), she was still doing some touring (just a few dates here and there) on the west coast but that was back in 2009.

    On a terribly cruel note, she was charged with animal cruelty a few years back. There was about a dozen cats in her home that had to be put down because they were so improperly cared for and some of the cats already dead.

  10. The best voices ever (except for Evis Aaron Presley) is “Il Volo”. Go to YouTube and insert “Il Volo American Idol”, if you have never heard them before. No frills, no enhancements, just total perfection. You’re welcome. Indy.

  11. Walt she was on tour and her friend who was supposed to check on the cats fucked it up.
    Missing Persons were great live when I saw them years ago I was a big fan.
    Frank Zappa’s musicians from Joe’s Garage became Missing Persons. Terry Bozzio is a monster drummer still!
    Dale was incredibly hot back in the day wearing nothing but blue saran wrap on stage.
    Killer band live!!!
    The video Janet posted is from the US festival which the RAMONES also played.

  12. Hey Patrick, Thanks for the info. I have read both accounts. Personally, I don’t the woman had bad intentions of hurting any animal.

    I’ve been to hundreds of concerts over the years and this is one of my favorite. The first time I ever heard Gwen Stefani, I thought I was listening to Dale sing!!!

  13. Indy,

    Dang, They are incredible!!! What amazing vocals. What talented young teenagers!! These guys are going to be HUGE world wide!!!!

    Thanks Indy!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Even I thought Dale Bozzio was hot. Awful story about the cats.

  15. Walt, yep, 3 miracle boys with unbeleivable God-given talent. The one with glasses, Piero, turned 18 2 days ago; the other 2 are not quite 17. Just adorable and seem to be good boys, not like the 5 foot 2 Justin Bieber who, imho, can’t sing, and is already going on Hawaiian romantic trips with Ms. Gomez.

    Elvis, as you may know, recorded O Solo Mio, as “It’s now or never”.

  16. Missing Person’s brilliantly talented musicians and their songwriting skills were core.

    Ms. Bozzio’s ‘talent’ was her body and definitely a very cool POV regarding accentuating the silicone tits with her ahead-of-time costumes.

    But that’s all she’s ever had to work with — because she sure as hell could never sing.

  17. Lady Gagme isn’t the issue. What is the issue a very mind numb population of teens and gay men who flock to this fake entertainer and the media that pushes her crap. Lady Gagme’s first album was a bomb because she didn’t have a schtick. Now that she has her stupid shock schtick going, she’s laughing to the bank. I give her credit for that even though I think she’s a fraud.

  18. special for folks who suffer ‘Alzheimer’:
    ……..JUST BE GLAD!!

  19. Wow, Janet you took me back. It was cool being a kid in the 80’s. I forgot about Dale. I always think of Gaga as Madonna 25 years ago but hadn’t thought about Dale. Dale looks to be the original barely clothed, multi colored haired chick not to mention way better looking than Gaga. Tis the American dream I guess.


  21. There is great footage on youtube.
    If you really want to see the shit check out Gary Numan Live 2010.
    Crank up the speakers for Down in the Park, Are Friends Electric. Prayer For The Unborn.
    He was and is still the best!

  22. Lady Ga-Ga has taken something old and made it new again…But who is going to give the credit to the old timers….Dale is not old…She is my mothers age but wisdom and knowing about life and learning is something to be proud of.

  23. Dale Bozzio is strong and Brave and open a Door that every one has walked throw after…But she is the one…Who pushed and created and offered the world something new in life and she is still sexy and smoking hot and wonderful at her craft and without her…No one who has a career today would have her craft or her style and taste today…She went outside the box and created something that has torched the world in music to this very day…I Want to reach out and say! Thank You? Because without you…The creativeness of this world clothing would not be here…And other artist would not get the attention they are getting today…All I can say is that you are ahead of your time.

  24. You alittle lady who packs a punch and you can kick it with the best of them…And small things that give the world a major kick in the ass…You sexy ass lady hits it out of the ball park….I wish you and your family well and take good care and have a great day. I love older woman for many reason…Smart and wisdom and wonder?

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