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NBC must REALLY be getting worried about the ratings on the Today show because they had the show’s executive producer make excuses for Matt Lauer to The Hollywood Reporter. Not only is the morning show in a ratings slump, but Lauer’s popularity is dimming fast. The unpleasantly handled replacement of Ann Curry by younger Savannah Guthrie caused their problems. Viewers just won’t forgive tyrannical Matt for dumping Ann and humiliating her. Let’s face it, narrow-minded male producers of the show probably think Matt is the GREATEST, and that females are interchangeable! They were shocked by this turn of events! Did it never occur to them that bald stodgy men surrounded by young beauty queens might NOT be what the public wants to see?

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  1. His reputation has been under scrutiny for a very long time. His wifey Annette knows he is a serial cheater and was dating others up until a couple of months before they married. It’s said Samantha Guthrie has broken up two marriages already and it was rumored that he had an affair with Natalie Morales while both were on assignment. And that is hard to believe, since he is balding, has a huge honker and obviously thinks so highly of himself, all turn-offs.
    PS: I never liked Ann Curry anyway, so I don’t care if Matt had anything to do with it or not.

  2. He is not exactly ‘eye candy’ – if they have a high female viewership, you would think they would have a nice looking, non-arrogant male. Sounds like his 15 minutes are up, don’t let the door hit your a**e on the way out. Sounds like the network exec’s should follow him out too.

  3. he is a repellent Pant Load.
    Kiss your so obscenely overpaid career adios Scat, uh, errr…matt.


  4. My guess is his head’s too inflated & they just can’t seem to get a wide shot of both him, his 10 egos & co-host. He’s still a donkey.

  5. Females are not interchangable.
    But like kitty cats, they are easily replaced.

  6. Actually I was appalled that once again, with Ann Curry’s demise, that NBC was putting the ‘blame on mame” – so I saw, Matt Lauer’s sell by date has long passed!

  7. I agree w/ everything that Christine says — he must have something on someone to still be on TODAY… the sooner he skedaddles off into the sunset, the happier I’ll be! 🙂

  8. I too agree with Sis and I can’t stand any of the people on that show. I can’t stand to watch all their biased coverage and the attitudes.

  9. Matt’s too glib to even notice what is going on.

    This is NBC order of operation. They have done it before to change Jane Pauly for Deborah Norville.

  10. this is more than a pain in the ass.


  11. Regardless of how one feels about Matt, or about the injustices aging women in TV news have to suffer, it’s always been that way with very few exceptions. And, while Ann Curry is a nice, competent person, I never thought she was a great fit for the Today Show. I hope she moves on to a program that’s a better fit for her. Katie C. has successfully moved on over the years, and she’s doing well now.

  12. After the way that Ann Curry was treated in the end, I will not watch the Today Show again until Matt Lauer is fucking gone… Ann was with the show for over 15 years, she did not deserve to be treated in such a cheap, tasteless way. The Matt Show is getting what it deserves now: they’re no longer #1… I immediately started watching Good Morning America, screw Matt and Savannah.

  13. I have never understood the appeal of Matt Lauer. He’s an OK journalist, but he’s not the god NBC thinks he is. In fact, I’ve thought that Matt makes ‘Today’ a dull, boring, stuffy show, and ‘Good Mornning America’ makes him look like a fuddy duddy. Ann Curry should kick his ass all over Manhattan with stilettos, after what he did to her. I’ll stick with GMA, thank you.

  14. I never could understand why the honchos at NBC thought Matt Lauer was the ratings grabber. It’s working out pretty much like I expected — they not only ditch poor Ann, they eviscerate her, then find out Matt’s the stinker, not HER!

  15. RE: Ann Curry. She def was treated badly. But now, per Enquirer and Globe (?), she is getting revenge. She got millions ($10M?) when she was let go and now she doesn’t have to get up at 4:00 A.M. Also, she is still employed at NBC and is doing special reports, etc. at still I’m sure a pretty good salary. Also, she is thinking of writing a book about Matt; it is said she knows all of his cheating ways. That book will net her $10 or $12 Mill. Does Matt look worried and older now? LOL

  16. ^^^^^To add a P.S.:

    Also the book will be about other shenanigans and goings-on at NBC, including Natalie and Savannah.

    The 5 foot 5 inch George Staphylococcus of ABC/GMA is doing cartwheels. lol

  17. Ha, as mentioned plain Ann was paid off very well. The show had a very arrogant host in Bryant G and Matt continues it but was made a deal in his last contract to pick the team and he did so. The demographic is older women for this show so picking airheads like Savannah wont hold up well for the future.

    Julie Chen was able to have an affair with the Preseident of CBS and it kept her talentless self in a job….who knows who will be next.

  18. The thing that has always annoyed me about “Scat” is that He’s one of these guys that is already asking the next Question before his interview has a chance to answer the first question. He comes off as Very Pushy and, not Very humble. I just can’t see why NBC is paying him 42 Million a year to do this job because he certainly isn’t worth it. Hopefully, and soon… Some of us will be asking “Where is Matt Lauer” for the very last time… The Answer will be Who Cares!

  19. RE: Savannah. I’m not wild about the adultress Savannah. However, the facts are that she is not an airhead. She is an attorney and I’ve read (twice) that in the Bar Exam, she finished first in a class of 633, so she is at least what you would call smart as a lawyer. It is well known she knows her way around men, having broken up 2 homes…this is not idle gossip. (maybe she will hook up with the great M.L., if she hasn’t already; his marriage is almost on the rocks anyway).

  20. He deserves everything he gets! What an arrogant jerk! I really never had anything against him prior to what he did to Ann Curry, but, now I say, he disgusts me!!! Who does he think he is? The Today Show deserves to go down in flames. They should be ashamed for what they did to Ann!!!!!

  21. Who watches this rubbish in the morning? The millions of unemployed that Bush and Cheney created?

  22. Matt Lauer is the highest paid “performer” per viewer on tv, something like $13/viewer. He’s no bargain. And, thank you Pippa for your relevant comment.

  23. No, it’s the millions that Obama keeps promising government jobs!

    By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On September 27, 2012 at

    Who watches this rubbish in the morning? The millions of unemployed that Bush and Cheney created?”

  24. I saw him in Bloomingdale’s once, and he is SHORT! Like miniature. What does anyone see in him?

  25. His reputation was a smarmy jerk.. now add cruel.. soulless, egotist devoid of humane feelings

  26. that’s not me. call centre imposter getting her jollies impersonating me.

  27. what’s with this call center thing ? I don’t get it ? hmmnn ? please explain

  28. Ann Curry has alot of high powered support. Many celebs including Brad & Angelina have indicated that they are with Ann on this one. No more interviews or appearances on the today show as a result.

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