Mary-Kate Olsen’s upcoming guest appearance on “Samantha Who?” may be the tip of a significant iceberg. Producers raved about her performance as a rebellious bad girl who reminds amnesia-stricken Samantha (played by Christina Applegate) of her younger self. If her character clicks, there’s a chance she might spin off into her own show. Mary-Kate’s movie career has stalled and she really wants to act, so TV is looking better all the time.

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  1. This Olsen tweek should face some pison time for what she did to Heath Ledger.I’m sure she is black listed in Hollywood. Got Vicodin?

  2. This Olsen tweek should face some prison time for what she did to Heath Ledger.I’m sure she is black listed in Hollywood. Got Vicodin?

  3. You can’t be an almost-billionaire, dress like a bag lady and not be insane. Plus, she parties like there’s no tomorrow, changes men like she changes shoes, and mixed up in the Heath Ledger drug saga. She needs a qualified shrink to delve into her twisted brain.

  4. Please take a few years at rehab-clinics.
    Enjoy a few make-overs.
    Only then some talking is wanted!!

  5. She is showing interest at the perfect time. With Halloween quickly approaching, I feel certain there will be plenty of work for scarecrows.

  6. She looks like a female Joker – those cute Full House days are gone…

  7. I really think the Olsen twins get a gangster to hijack a Goodwill or salvation army truck and joyfully rummage through the contents for their next season wardrobe.

  8. Why, oh WHY, do none of their outfits ever look good? Either of them? Just once I’d like to see someone besides whoever is styling them now, take over and doll them up right, something classy and timeless. Maybe Nicole Kidman’s styleist, SHE always looks perfect.
    And NO, no one wants to see either of these twigs with popsicle heads “act” again…go away…spend your money…try to stay off the dope…and try to be normal, healthy women for a change, maybe get married, have children, travel, see the world…do the opposite of whatever the hell it is you’re doing NOW!!! It ain’t workin!!!!!

  9. The twins were so totally darling when they were 6 months old on Full House. I never missed it. Now the little f***ers are clueless about fashion, dope heads, alcoholics, and man-crazy. (M-K probably the worst one).
    Where were/are their parents during their formative years? Multi-multi millionaires and possibly on the road to destruction. Unbelievable.

  10. Heath Ledger killed himself. Face it. It doesn’t matter who supplied the drugs. He made the choice and nobody else is responsible. Same goes for Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love didn’t kill him. And that woman who gave John Belushi his last drugs wasn’t responsible for his death, even though she was prosecuted. All of them were adults who made the decsions that ended their lives. Mary Kate may have behaved in a cowardly fashion, but there’s no evidence that she had anything to do with Heath Ledger’s self-inflicted death.

  11. This little lady can do anything she wants and she should find Bit parts on other shows to get her feet wet again! Try House or Bones or other shows…It would be wonderful to see her back! All Grown up again? She is Beautiful!

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