Fashionista and successful designer Mary-Kate Olsen had Brits howling at an outfit she wore this week. True, Mary Kate doesn’t dress like a typical sexed-up female Hollywood celebrity with plunging necklines and skin tight mini skirts. That’s what people in the UK are accustomed to seeing and the look that is unfortunately copied by young girls around the world. Mary-Kate has come a long way from her California girl roots and we secretly love the way the Mary-Kate and Ashley flaunt fur to aggravate PETA. Because the Olsen twins retain their right to wear fur, PETA has started an anti-Olsen campaign and calls them “the Trollsen Twins.” Personally, we prefer this quirky (okay, a tad mature) look to the cookie-cutter look we see everywhere.

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  1. What most UK citizens are wondering is “How did she escape prosecution for the murder of Heath Ledger?”

  2. Long lost relative of Sasquatch – Reta has been found raiding closets of has been celebs.

  3. Reta is the obese version of this one complete with imaginary boyfriend of color.

  4. Janet,you truly dissapaoint me:How can you love(even secretly)someone who is been known for wearing a fur?!!Don’t you know what suffering those poor animals go though in their short live and what forrible violent death they die?!You Janet are truly disgusting as anyone why enjoys and wears fur.

  5. hey tinchy, i love my leather gloves, i love the feel and smell of the leather in my car and i enjoyed the beef burger i had for dinner tonight.

    Man has been wearing fur since the cave days, it’s been an intergal part of how we humans came to exist today.

    so f**k off back to peta or whatever rock you crawled out from, weirdo.

  6. The drugs she did for several years obviously affected her mentally. Plus, maybe a psychiatrist would say that she is covering herself up with this head to toe garb because she is unconsciously trying to hide from her part in Heath’s death. jmho

  7. To Cal!I am not from or with PETA,I am just very upset with people wearing fur.I am not talking about leather gloves,leather jackets or eating meat.I am upset with people wearing fur because it is not necessary to wear it and to wear it for looks is horrible because those poor animals suffer greatly for people vanity.As for you Cal,your comment speaks highly what kinda person are you!

  8. Get off tinchy’s case, cal. Most fur comes from animals killed only for it, not for food. If Janet wants to be a Meat Council toady that’s her perogative and if someone wants to call her on it, that’s theirs.

    Go have another burger, and stay the fuck under your rock, weirdo.

  9. I am with Tinchy, and I am with Peta too. I am not a “nut” as you people like to eloquently say; however; I am very much against fur for the cruelty reason. The animals go through a horrific and criminal amount of suffering to allow wealthy and/or insecure people to audaciously flaunt their “wealth”. All this demonstrates is a lack of evolution. We no longer need fur as did our cavemen ancestors, as one person incorrectly argued. We live in cities and drive cars and no longer hunt for our own food. Fur is merely fashion, not function and cannot be justified in a moral and civilised society. And I imagine the obscenity filled disrepectful comments will begin in 5, 4, 3 …

  10. GO TINCHY, GO CLEO! As for you Cal, you can just go too. As in far far away. What an unpleasant schlub you are….As for Ashley’s look, I don’t prefer it, but it’s a lot better than run of the mill, skin tight, butt baring Lurex.

  11. I bought a gorgeous faux fur (a little past waist length) for $50 on sale. It was so real-looking that several people commented on it. I stopped wearing it to certain places because I was afraid someone would think it was real and beat the snot out of me.

  12. Her overall and all the time “look” sucks the big one. A skinny, skrawny chick with no shape in head to toe shapeless bags, usually always dark, is in no way attractive. Add to that the hunched over back and it really gets unsexy. As for the fur hat, this one is attractive, but I wouldn’t wear it OR buy it, but maybe it could be made in faux fur and let the animals wear their oWN skin and the women who would wear it have their “fashion”.

    Alpha & Garbage: Get the fuck off my ass. I am not the subject of this post or any other. Nice going hiding behind those “names” chickenshits!

  13. Under no circumstances would I wear fur and I’m with Tinchy, Cleo, et al. And I do not understand how the Olsen twins are considered to be fashion icons. For God sake it looks like she’s off to play mah-jong at the retirement home.

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