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We find ourselves strangely attracted to these sunglasses that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are wearing – especially the ones on the right. Does anyone know where these glasses came from?

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  1. I don’t know where they are from, but Nicole Richie wore something similar awhile back. It doesn’t seem like anything new…

  2. Maybe they’re keeping it secret, like most everything else they try to keep secret.

  3. Is this turning into Janet Charlatan’s personal shopping site now? WTF?
    Hang it up, grandma. You couldn’t afford them anyway.

  4. WOW, 7:10pm you are beyond rude… keep your anger for yourself

  5. Couldn’t come up with a fake story today Janet? How about looking into the Heath Ledger connection?

  6. Janet you can find these at, though I hesitate to give you that advice as insiders are reporting that you are flat broke.
    Don’t take this the wrong way, but perhaps your meager resources would be better spent on food and shelter?

  7. Who cares about the damn glasses. What about the rest of the bag lady crap they wear most of the time.

  8. Why do we care abou these TROLLS?
    Their show was canceled 10+ years ago and they haven’t made a movie in 5 years.
    How about more about SPENCER & HEDI

  9. I think you can still get those at the Hollywood Blvd. magic shop – next to the x-ray specs and the dribble cup.

  10. Janet! Those glasses make the twins look like Charles Nelson Reilly! Ha ha. I also hope you can ignore some of the comments people post here about you that are less the favourable. The main thing is, they’re on your site.

  11. They are way to tiny and spindly to be considered anywhere near sexy. Did they weigh two pounds at birth? Made their $$ tho, when they were 6 months old up thru the tweens.

  12. I don’t care for the glasses, and I certainly don’t care for the twin brats who are wearing them. I wish you’d stop posting about them. Why are they important? Do others find them interesting? Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see or read about them?

  13. I’m liking those glasses, too. Say what you want about the skinny girls, and heaven only knows what the real dirt is on them, but I have to admire them because they keep their mouth’s shut and don’t parade their dirty laundry around in public like too many other girls out there. They seem to understand that too much information is just too much information.

  14. Janet, ignore all this rubbish! I live vicariously throught the Olsen Twins I swear!! haha!! I love these glasses too! Although they’re Chanel and stupidly pricy, check out ebay and topshop for similar styles that aren’t designer, but look similar for cheap!! and, oh god, is it JDmaxx in America?? TKmaxx in the UK, anyway, they might do something for a knock-down price!!

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