It’s time PETA figured out that personal insults are NOT the way to coax people into stop wearing fur. This is how they appeared at the Olsen twins book signing in Westwood at Borders. It’s enough to make you want to go out and buy something furry as soon as possible just to defy them.
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Unruffled by the insults, Mary-Kate and Ashley must be at a good place in their lives. They look happier and healthier than ever. And we appreciate the fact that they don’t wear skin tight clothes like so many misguided celebrities do.

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  1. I don’t get it? There are 7 signs…7 chances to say your mission statement, 7 chances to convince me, 7 chances state your slate….but instead opt for a personal attack? How does is that more profitable to you? how does that win you votes, add to your cache, How? Isn’t there a more intelligent approach? Just a bunch of yahoo’s is all I see!!!!!

  2. Peta has actually hurt their cause, much like the way gays in california are behaving after prop 8 it’s hard to be sympathetic.The twins are great and beautiful. Peta should go pick on some thug rappers LOL.

  3. The other comment is right on the money. These lunatics are just driving sales to fur companies. While most people are sympathetic they don’t like to be told what to say and what to buy with their hard earn money. I don’t have any fur but you better believe if I wanted one, no group could stop me from buying one. And those zealots with the Prop 8, get over it, the poeple have spoken. Now you all have a right to protest but the way you are all going about it is sickening. Everytime they post a boycott of some business that gave support it makes me do the exact opposite, I give my support.

  4. Don’t give your money to peta it’s all about money with them, I saw the pictures of all those beautiful dogs that they had put to sleep and dumped in dumpsters so they wouldn’t have to spend money caring for them. The money goes straight to their pockets that’s why they pick on celebs because they have money, they humiliate them in public till they give in stop wearing fur and donate, and all is forgiven.

  5. Janet are you aware of the slow death these furry friends bear witness to in order to dress the Olsen trolls?

  6. There is NO reason why anyone should wear fear in 2008. It is a sick & cruel thing to do.
    You are SUCH a suck-up Janet.

  7. I have a faux fur that looks as good or better than a real fur. Five persons thought it was real. It cost $39 on sale, and best of all I don’t have to store it in the summer.

  8. PETA is a bunch of frauds. It is all about the money with them. Yeah, they care about animals and stuff when they have their multi million dollar mansions built for themselves using donations for like animals or something. yeah, like be nice to the animals or something. Send me five hundred bucks.
    I think that the celebretards should say no to Silicone and yes to fur.

  9. Yes Janet, you are a suck up. Like those two would even give you a look in your direction. They are self centered irresponsible humans. I’m sure they probably care less about Global Warming or any thing that doesn’t effect them personally. After all they are better than everyone else you know.
    In their next life maybe they’ll come back as minks and you janet can come back as one of those little feeder fish that cling to the shark for scraps.

  10. It’s america.. you are free to eat meat and wear fur legally. Bug off you crazy eco commies.

  11. I’m against any human wearing animal fur. It’s the decent way to be. Only an idiot would see it otherwise. Are you an idiot Janet?

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