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Let’s clear something up right now. When it comes to Arnold cheating, Maria KNEW. Arnold was cheating on Maria long before they got married and she had plenty of time to change her mind. He really appreciated women and made passes in the gym and on movie sets. And plenty of girls responded favorably to attention from Mr Olympia or Arnold the Movie Star. Arnold didn’t lie or make promises – he just liked sex. The tabloids detailed his many flings, including the one with Brigitte Nielsen. We clearly recall Arnold making a movie in Mexico and stories came back about him having wild affair with an actress in the movie. It was well documented and months BEFORE he married Maria. Of course, Arnold’s boorish womanizing is not excusable, but it was common knowledge at the time, and Maria chose to marry him ANYWAY. Why did she do it?

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  1. Maria also waited until after both of her parents died to file for divorce. or something like that.

  2. She was passionately in love with him at the beginning. He was just a rude low class sex addict.

  3. “He really appreciated women and made passes in the gym and on movie sets.”



  4. TY! Enough said. You only have your choices in life to control and evaluate.

  5. With a puss like hers, she’s lucky to have landed him.

  6. Well, as they say, if you lie down with a dog, you’ll wake up with fleas.

  7. This is the way it is:

    Anyone with Kennedy blood has a touch of mental illness. No other explanation. (Generations of Kennedys, never-ending bizarre things happening in the clan)

    A plus for Maria —-tons of long thick hair.

    A minus for Maria—-sunken in cheeks.

  8. The Kennedy women have been cheated on since the very beginning, going back to the creepy old sex addict old Joe Kennedy, and probably his father and grandfather. It’s just a way of life with them, along with their ill gotten wealth and sense of being above all the peons and the rules not applying to them.

  9. I agree that Maria knew if he got into politics it would get worse. I don’t think she had any idea what a PIG he was (still is) She doesn’t need him, move on.

  10. She probably thought it was ok…her whole family were cheaters.

  11. Like many delusional women, she thought she was “special” and he wouldn’t cheat on HER after marriage

  12. I know they go to the same salon because I go there too, Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills, but dang they have to stop sharing a colorist, it really doesn’t suit Maria, it’s down right ugly on her typically tanned Kennedy skin. Those Kennedy’s tan so distinctly they need their own Pantone colors.

  13. he should have stayed with the farmers in TYROL, austria.

  14. I’d love to hear YOUR theory about why Maria decided to marry him, Janet! AND, then stayed w/ him for more than two decades! By the way, she was MUCH prettier when she was younger–what the heck happened to her jaw? What kind of odd plastic surgery did she have? Anyone out there know?

  15. I have heard dozens of stories over the years from women who were sexually harassed by Arnold on movie sets. None of them “responded favorably”. I’m also told (& believe) that he harassed women in bars, with his groping, innuendos, propositioning, etc. Yeah, he’s a “guy who just liked sex”, and thought that every woman he wanted it from should just give it up to him. I can’t stand this pig. My Mom worked for a man who sponsored him back in the 70s when he was breaking in, so I have heard disgusting stories about him all my life. I can’t believe Californians were s t u p i d enough to let another actor be governor.

  16. Hilary, Maria has always had that jawline and strong boned face. Look at the other Kennedy women. She looks old becuz they have super thin Irish skin which thins out drastically as they age. Look at Caroline, same thing.

  17. I’m sure she thought he would change or she could change him. Old story, same sad ending.


  19. Maria looks a lot more like her mother as she gets older.

    If I’m not mistaken, Arnold has made a lot more money than any Kennedy money she would have inherited so maybe that was enough for her.

  20. Hilary, she hasn’t done anything to her face. That’s how the Kennedy women age. They all end up looking like haggard old crones.

  21. Who knows why people do what they do. I agree that she knew what he was when she married him. Maybe she thought marriage and a family will settle him down. It’s always a mistake to marry someone thinking you’re going to change them.

  22. i knew since a long time for the fling with Brigitte Nielsen (it was a Schwarzie’s biography in 1992)and with Rachel Ticotin(he likes the athletic and exotic women )and i don’t believe he harrassed the women on set but he was a European player so he was probably oafish with the women

  23. That’s a really bad photo of Maria, looking uncomfortably like the mummified remains of Ramses II.

  24. I don’t know that it is a good idea that a woman of her age should be wearing shiny eye shadow.

  25. You don’t believe he harassed the women on set??? Several of them came forward and related their stories. Do you think that was a good career move for them, or that they got anything out of it? I find your viewpoint very naive, and misogynistic, in that you apparently do not believe the women who have bravely come forward. I know a few of them, quite well, and know darn well they are not liars. When a man grabs your breasts or puts his hand on your privates without your permission that is sexual harassment, not being “oafish”.

    This is a huge, huge problem here in the industry btw. There are undoubtedly thousands of women who have been taken advantage of, even young teens. There are a variety of names for Disney Channel & Nickelodeon, all basically calling them whorehouses. These execs get these young girls to sleep with them and they do it becuz they think they will lose their chance at stardom. Its disgusting…and criminal.

  26. I think Maria definitely went into her marriage with her eyes open. My guess is they had some kind of understanding that they would not flaunt their indiscretions and would avoid embarrassing the other spouse.
    However, Arnie clearly does not know the meaning of the word discrete… or condom for that matter.

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