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We were surprised to learn what Madonna thinks is important enough to donate her money to. We like to give our meager dollars to animal rescue organizations, architectural conservancy, museums, and charities for women and health. Madonna, who’s worth 650 million dollars, apparently doesn’t have a lot of charity write-offs. According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411, her current tax filing for her Ray of Light Foundation shows what she REALLY cares about. She gave $770,000 to the questionable LA Kabbalah Center in spite of all their scandals and lawsuits. Her attempt to build a school in Malawi with Kabbalah collapsed in a heap of accusations and lawsuits. No more Africa. Beside Kabbalah, Madonna donated $15000 to the TJ Martell Foundation that does medical research, and $5000 to the Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles. That’s IT- nothing for education, the arts, the environment, or animals.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. This Kabbalah bs is such a massive fraud, if it were real Madonna wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it. Women are excluded from this fake Jewish mysticism.

    And don’t be surprised at madonnas cheapness and at the same time it’s not fair to judge anyone else on how they choose to spend their hard earned dollars. Stay out of people’s pockets Janet.

  2. when money is concerned these sort of americans only care for one thing: ME, MYSELF and I!!

  3. Effin’ cheapskate. She spends more than that on her high maintenance.

  4. I’ve never liked Madonna, and now I know why. How can she be so selfish? Does she think she’s gonna take all that loot with her when she dies?

  5. I’ve said before that she’s an evil demonic B. I’m not surprised by any of this.

  6. It’s not just Madonna and since it is a foundation a huge tax deduction has been taken. This is a scam by Madona and others to hire relatives and friends at large salaries and take a deduction. Oprah did it and the biggest scammer of all is J Lo and her foundation that has relatives on board and supposedly for “poor hispanics” but never doles out money unless it is in front of cameras or is reimbursed by large and gulliable companies.

    Celebs flock to Obama and complain about Romney but this type of scam should be investigated by IRS.

  7. Btw, it’s a damn shame that people are STILL giving their hard earned money to this demonic, arrogant Bitch!

  8. Kitty, ain’t it the truth. I can’t stand the Vadge. Therefore I can’t stand anyone who likes her, namely the arrogant vain Kelly Ripa. She has said many times that she worships Madonna. Those very words will be played back to her on Judgment Day.

  9. She reminds me of Baby Jane (Bette Davis character in Whatever happened to Baby Jane)in that photo.

    She is decades younger than me but she is decades too old for that youngster getup.

  10. hey madonna donate the money to peter missing i would like to build a community arts center for children in new york maybe bronx or harlem

  11. You are so right Walt. She always seemed to me to be a jealous and competitive woman. My guess is that having an attractive teenage daughter is killing her and driving her ridiculous fashion choices. Not to mention the plastic surgery.

  12. Don’t worry, the Jews will get every penny she has ever earned. That’s their job.

  13. Malawi was a publicity scam from day one.. she never did anything she said she would., oopsie her best friends stole the money..uh oh.. ask Bono, Penn and Sting, many rich rich others who lend their name, time and talents for tax breaks and never do what they said they would with the funding.. how profitable those pretend plan works..

  14. Madonna, a typical liberal is always out there pontificating about how everyone else in the world is hateful small minded and bigoted when in reality she is the most selfish, hateful and judgemental of all.

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