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Marc Anthony is the picture of chivalry here and we bet Jennifer Lopez has him jumping through hoops now that she’s pregnant. She CAN be very demanding. Recently we encountered a sound technician who was working on a Price Line commercial with William Shatner. He told us that Shatner was a delight to work with – he arrived on time, dressed and camera ready, and he knew all his lines. We asked the technician who was the WORST celebrity he worked with and he said “Hands down – Jennifer Lopez.” He said he worked on a music video with Jen and “She kept hundreds of people waiting around for hours on end.” He recalled that she stayed in her trailer and claimed she wasn’t feeling well and sent for five different kinds of doctors and therapists help her voice, massage her feet and hands etc. By the time she unapologetically appeared to work, her coworkers were DRAINED and freezing cold from standing around so long. We’re thinking that being pregnant with twins just might make Jennifer a tad difficult to live with.

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  1. She thinks the world, the universe, the sun, the moon, and the stars revolve around her. She was this way before preggers and raging hormones are making her more cranky. Wait til the kids come….sheesh….run Marc run….and get a really good full time nanny. LOL

  2. Her feet are going to get huge in shoes like that…
    and varicose veins in her legs…

  3. What did she ever see in this scrawny unattractive little man? He has got a lurid past, even more than her skanky past. She is a diva in her own mind, getting older, and maybe getting antsy about her future. All her movies were flops. I guess they have enough $$ saved up to take care of the twinsies. That said, she’ll prolly be a good mom.

  4. Why do they allow these horrible people to breed? She’s just Jenny, the scientologist from the block.

  5. They are both losers who deserve each other. Ben A, dogged a bullet on this ho.

  6. 5:13 AM is correct. Affleck got away from this slut none too soon. I’m still wondering though if the old gambler and womanizer has changed and if Jennifer Garner has tamed him. Time alone will tell. Usually a leopard can’t change his spots. (sorry for straying from the subject of JLO)

  7. I personally think this marc anthony is “produced” with a FLABBY DICK!!

  8. Ben dodged a bullet – no doubt – or else he would be the one waiting on her hand and foot and having to worship the ground she walks on all the time. But I’m thinking that Skeltor is the right man for that job. As for Ben, Garner lets him be a regular grown up so he responds by acting like one.

  9. I am confused is was ben affleck that got caught giving oral sex to a stripper how is she a hoe? As if noone here had several relationships till they finally settled down to someone they thought was good but to stay in terrible relationship to be miserable. Life is too short.
    You don’t see pics of affleck and garner together lately. I am sure he’s still gambling and gambling comes drinking and sexing.

  10. Marc Anthony looks like a valet or circus performer in that outfit. JLo cannot perform; she is not a good actress nor dancer.

  11. I am always amazed how some people manage to always make really expensive clothes look so damn cheap.

  12. How did he ever manage to carry her over the thresh-hold? Or maybe she carried him? Ha. Maybe she just wanted a bona-fide sperm donor, since his past has proven that he sure can produce those boys of his that can really swim.

  13. She’s always been a demanding diva despite being a mediocre performer. Her big ole booty & hanging wite creme puff diddy kept her in the limelight.
    As big as she is she needs to take that dam heels off.

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