Make Up Your Mind

vbeck-compare-c.jpgIt’s fashion week and we are especially vulnerable to all things related to style. We feel obligated to point out that Victoria Beckham was photographed in New York looking EXCEPTIONALLY pretty. (Above left) Is it just the RED lipstick? (She usually wears a light beige) Is it the slightly lighter matte skin tone? (She usually has that orangey shiny tan ) WHATEVER it is -we think it WORKS! Do you agree?

29 thoughts on “Make Up Your Mind

  1. She looks nice with the red lips, but she still could stand to gain a few pounds.

  2. Sorry the woman will forever be an oompa loompa in my opinion. She was so pretty before she paid someone to carve her into an alien.

  3. Sorry, but she still looks like something you would unpack from a Mattel box…
    All plastic, all the time.

  4. She definitely needs to smile. And her mouth is almost always just sort of hanging open.

  5. She definitely looks better than her usual Morticia self. A change for the much better

  6. I’d rather look at/read about someone else. Too much Posh Spice on this site.

  7. What’s the deal with the second picture? Is that clown makeup she’s in. Talk about make up overload. I’d hate to see what she looks like when she takes all that stuff off…

  8. She’s weird. Now hanging on the coat tails of her husband. Why does anyone even care? She obviously has issues nobody is that skinny unless sick or barfing.

  9. Don’t see any improvement…..this woman is starving and she looks pitiful even with great make-up an hair

  10. I find it hard to believe that David Beckham actually loves this alien-looking weirdo.

  11. She looks awful to me red lipstick notwithstanding.
    She’s emaciated and reportedly pregnant!
    I think she’s disgusting.

  12. She’s platic. It looks like she had microderabrasion to get rid off all those bumps.

  13. Uh,folks, I don’t think we’ll ever know what’s really going on with her skin! I also think she’s heading to the point of no return. Oh I forgot. She’s a celebrity. There’s a rule book that says she’s got to look that way!

  14. she pouts that mouth of hers and struts her stuff, but she’s ugly and has a piggy-nose.

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