Madonna’s movie with the annoying title “W.E,” is set to be released in December and we have mixed feelings about it. One reviewer who saw it have compared it to “a woman’s luxury shopping spree.” The spoiled wealthy character of Wallis Simpson has 80 costume changes – originally created by the top designers of the 1930’s and 40’s. That DOES sound appealing. The costume designer is Madonna’s old friend, the brilliant Arianne Phillips, so we won’t miss it for that reason. But the dialog and story apparently don’t live up to the lush visuals. The trailer (above) is iffy.

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  1. americans in general won’t require more.

  2. Madonna’s presentation of this piece of history looks incredibly improbable and unbelievable.

    Was it not laughed at at Cannes?

  3. Looks beautiful but that’s not enough. She should have talked about what a nelly queen Ed was and how Wallis liked to dominate him sexually.

  4. I thought the trailer was interesting. Knowing it was directed by Madonna makes it less so. I suppose you shouldn’t allow your predisposition towards believing it must and will be crap because of the director stop you from seeing it. Though it probably will.

  5. Guy richie sucked as a director but people saw sherlock homes. lock stock amd barell was exactly like snatch and that sucked and this was before madonna

  6. It stands for Wallace and Edward (don’t feel bad, I had to look it up!)

  7. I had read many times over the years that King Edward VIII actually preferred men over women. Wonder if that will be mentioned or hinted at?

  8. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (Madonna’s daughter) has a small small role in the movie.

  9. Stephen: Nope, in a word

    A fact which has already been mentioned in some reviews of the film that have appeared in the English press.

    Recall that this is the same woman (from effing DETROIT) who faked a British accent when she was plying her wares full-time over here: she longs to be considered a member of the establishment and has wasted no time browning her nose to do so.

    Which is the same reason you’ll never read about the current Prince of Wales’s longtime boyfriend—Michael Fawcett—other than the broad hints that appear from time to time.

    Homosexuality simply doesn’t exist among the so-called upper classes; they’ll swear to it even if they have to take one c*ck out of their arse and another out of their mouth to do so.

  10. Trivia: Lady Diana grew to loathe Michael Fawcett—and made it clear that “she didn’t want him around her family.”

    Unfortunately for her, Fawcett was permanently joined to her husband’s hip, so to speak, including and especially at bath time.

    Of course Diana’s legitimate questions about Charles’s true proclivities were all overshadowed by the presence and machinations of the horse-faced hag who would eventually replace her after her untimely death.

  11. This is an interesting subject in history. It is a well documented”rumour”that Mrs. Simpson was packing male and female genitalia. Also little Eddie needed extra help in the finishing department and Mrs. Simpsons courtesean ways were just the recipe for Eddie’s unusual tastes.

  12. Thanks British Teef (just kidding) – I enjoyed the information especially about Michael Fawcett!

  13. Vadge should stick to what she does best little boys half her age.

  14. Aww. You can call me “Teef,” if you want to, Stephen.

    *blushes, stammers, waves a big willie in that general direction*

  15. costume changes does not make a movie.
    i have read several reviews of this film and all say its terrible

  16. I read somewhere that Wallis grew to disdain Edward. After she put him to bed Wallis and the gay manservants would sit around in the nude and mock Edward.

  17. And the current Prince of Wales has a manservant who carries around a toilet seat for his majesty.

  18. I don’t care to see anything that has anything to do with this aging whore dog.

  19. Anybody that would pay to view this rubbish must have a screw loose. Of course Americans will rip open their almost empty wallets to pay homage tovthis evil, disgusting Witch of a person.

  20. I think it looks interesting, and gorgeous. Hats off to Madonna for giving it a go. Takes balls.

    I think the W.E. think is also a play of E.R. as used in the British monarchy.

  21. I am definitely not a fan of Madonna, neither her music, her movies, nor her fashion. That said, I am sorry to learn that this ‘done to death’ story had received such bad reviews. The promo clip looks quite lovely, the actress who plays Wallis, is almost spooky real. But as I said, this is a subject that has been done to death, and remade so many times, that I wonder what Madge can offer, that hasn’t already been done? ( Remember when the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” came out, and there was a huge ’30’s fashion’ thing that went on that summer? Perhaps we will all start to dress like Dita Von Teese by next year !

  22. This story has been done to death and a gay twist would have given it life, but I still think Madge wants the Brits to like her so she wouldn’t dare.

    It will probably be in the same vein as Tom Ford’s A Single Man which had a weak story but incredible visuals.

  23. The trailer looks interesting. If no one knew it was Madonna who directed it I bet you would have a different view of it. That said, I won’t be paying to see it at the movies but DVD is a certainty if just for the visuals. It can’t be any worse than George Clooney’s awful “The American”.

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