All that horseback riding and hunting that Madonna did in the English countryside with her then husband Guy Ritchie didn’t get her any closer to the royal family. Even her friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t open any doors to Buckingham Palace for the ambitious singer. In fact, it’s like she never spent all those years in the UK! Madonna became acutely aware of that fact when her ex Guy Ritchie WAS invited to Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding and she was NOT. It’s like a slap in the face, but the royals apparently never took to Madonna even though she tried her best to fit in. (Note that in photo above, Madonna is even wearing TWEED!)



  1. William and Kate have more class than that, Janet!!

    By the way, why would they want someone who was recently accused of having a hand in someones murder, at their wedding?

  2. That photo background (and presumably the “horse”) are about as real as the pathetic British accent Madonna used to put on…

    you know, the one she got from growing up in “Jolly Olde Detroit.”

  3. I actually thought she might go ballistic when I saw Ritchie’s name on the list….and not hers. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  4. William and Kate have been traveling the world, practicing for their honeymoon for 9 years, so why all the hoop-la as to where they are going after the ceremony.

  5. LOL at Jolly Olde Detroit, that’s where I grew up and I always laughed my ass off at her accent too, who is she kidding.

  6. Why would the Royals destroy their relationship with citizens of the United Kingdom by inviting the filthy disgusting Madonna? She was last relevant to anyone in 1984.

  7. I still don’t understand the brouha on this guy? He sucked before madonna and after it if it wasn’t for Madonna who, what, were would be looking for him?

    Oh and Kate honey, u in danger girl.

  8. It comes as no surprise that Madonna’s excluded from the guest list.
    After all, it IS Kate’s day…. and Madonna is a world class scene-stealer!

  9. Pippa has a very good point. She should wear a hat to cover it up.
    However one must wonder what that filthy and disgusting Fergie did for the relationship of the Royals to the citizens of the U.K. Not to mention the mother of Prince Harry. Who’s his daddy anyway.
    Pippa, you’re such an arrogant, insufferable, bitch and indeed you do think you are on the high moral ground. Quite laughable you are.

  10. Accounting Note: Guy’s total take worked out to $47,368.22 per shag over nine years (less “Finders’ Fee” expense of $118.53—a Hickory Farms Deluxe Gift Basket—to Sting and Trudie Styler.

  11. The class system is alive in the UK, and Madonna has no class. Madonna, Paris and Mischa should hook up and drown their collective, no longer relevant, sorrows. Madonna, the role in the film ain’t coming through either.

  12. I’m sure Madonna doesn’t give a toss. She met the Queen once. That’s hardly getting in with the Royals. And she’s well shot of Guy Ritchie. She definitely traded down with that one.

  13. She was never kidding anyone palermo, it was just another of her affectations.

    To Price Waterhouse, thanks for the laugh.

  14. She never tried to fit in.. she’s always been superior and smug, one might say a jaded, jangled, bossy-loudmouth and crude piece of inhumanity. Just ask all the people she dumped when they didn’t worship and instantly obey her?

  15. Guess, the royals know the difference between low-class from high-class. Madonna has no business to be invited to the royal wedding, she is a nobody. She’s pure white trash.

  16. Madonna is trash, she’s doesn’t belong any where near a royal. This is a woman who used everybody to get where she is and now Karma has bitchslapped her. HAHA.

  17. Posing la-dee-da with one of her many lovers AND her then-husband?? Shameless.

  18. Why is Guy invited?Is he a friend of the couple?Don’t think so.Weird!And it’s speaks volumes that no one from Diana’s family is invited.

  19. Madonna is in the age group of Charles and Camilla. If she wasn’t invited to that shindig, certainly expecting an invitation to the son’s wedding is ludicrous.

  20. this is the signal: AMERICAN FAILURES ARE EVICTED, folks!!

  21. Well, we now know the she spent most of her short marriage to Sean Penn having her ass kicked by him, which was fucked-up to be sure, and he should be called to account for it.

    BUT, we also now know that Penn thought she was a hopeless, lousy actress—and told her so—sparing the rest of us any number of awful potential performances.

    So, to be fair, a judge would have to consider that as a mitigating circumstance. 🙂

  22. She IS one of the worst “actresses” of all time. Wonder what ever became of that future dud of hers she was ‘directing”? (killing myself at the thought of it)!

  23. Yup ChiLand, Penn (that tweaker) kicked Madges ass all during their marriage it ended when he trussed her up for a bit.

    And she calls him the love of her life!


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