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Madonna wore a deceivingly sexy dress to the Berlin Film Festival and she looked fabulous, but her movie didn’t fare too well. Madonna’s first directorial effort “Filth and Wisdom” was supposed to be a short film but she insisted they stretch it into feature length. It’s about a group of young flat-mates in London trying to make it. The leading character is a Ukrainian immigrant with a gypsy punk band. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Critics there didn’t like it, but we still want to see it.

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  1. Too much botox and I bet her movie stinks but still, I like her Madgesty.

  2. So ArtChic can form a sentence, kudo, ArtFag, I knew you had it in ya! Doesn’t Madonna ever rest? JEEZE, take a frickin’ vacation, a permanent one!

  3. Confused porn and not done well because she was afraid to go too far.. Stupid Lesbo is so unfulfilled and bitchy, sad about her fate in having to be somewhat conservative or we’d hang or stone her for the filth she does do in private. She kills and mains anything good that loves her. I feel for her natural daughter and son.. when they come into the spotlight and she burns with envy and spite, that she tries to privately.. destroy and harm them.. but openly, vindictively spews towards her husband, Richie, hating even the bits of faint praise he earns. The black kid will escape and cut her down.. Finally retribution.

  4. When she Tongue French kissed whore Britney in front of millions, that did it for me. She is such a nasty filthy skank, influencing young minds in the worst way. Kelly Ripa has said that she worships her….bad choice of a word. Doesn’t anyone in show biz have old-fashioned values anymore.

  5. “Filth and Wisdom”. She is THE very definition of Filth and she has NO Wisdom. How or why the Almighty has allowed her to have such fame and fortune I know not…but I can only wonder and not question. However, I know judgment will come some day for sure.

  6. This old, dirty and filthy rest room attendant Madonna should give the World a break from her never ending immoral crap. She has ruined the world faithfully since 1984. Go away now and leave us alone. “the Antichrist or anti-Christ, has come to mean a person, an other entity, or an image of a person, that is an embodiment of evil.”

  7. She’s not a nice person. Or so said Cher, who tried to be her friend a couple of times. I believe it, no one reaches her level of fame by being a nice guy.

  8. Can’t this BROAD just PUH-LEEZE go away & live out the rest of her days in Merry Olde England ?
    She keeps trying crap to keep her puss in the papers- No one really wants or cares anymore what the hell she does.
    No whore like an old whore.
    Hey “Madge,” what would you do if your daughter wanted to sing & have her own “SEX” tour ?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Both sides of your mouth.

  9. Everyone knows by now that she said she would not let her kids watch TV. You two-faced cheesy old has-been broad…2 words: get lost. You do nasty videos, sex tapes, sex books, and you think you are a goody-goody parent by not letting your kids watch the ‘dirty’ stuff on TV. Go hang upside down, you old bat.

  10. To those who ask, “Who will take Joan Rivers’s place when she finally croaks?”
    There’s your answer.

  11. When I saw that the first part of the title is “Filth,” naturally I assumed the movie to be an autobiographical documentary.

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