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Madonna is putting Gwyneth Paltrow through her paces in the UK – she’s teaching Gwyneth how she disciplines herself every day in the gym. They’ve been friends for years and Madonna credits herself with helping Gwyneth give up smoking. Gwyneth smoked two packs a day until Madonna started pushing her to break the nasty habit.


  1. I’d like for Gwyneth to smoke MORE, not less.
    And this daily photo-op walk to the gym, which is next-fucking-door to Madge’s house, is beyond ridiculous.
    Surely interior access between the two adjoining properties is possible.

  2. Madonna looks so amazingly fresh these days. Her features are softer and younger looking. Whatever she did it is wonderful and feminine. For the first time I think she is gorgeous.

  3. Um Madonna still smokes.
    She smoked in her movie Swept Away and smoked in home films her husband directs, which are on You Tube. She loves to promote herself.
    Madge is full of it. Next thing you know she’ll credit Kaballah for making her look so youthful.
    Basically, this woman is a control freak mess of an insecure ego-driven diva who loves the attention.
    P.S. She looks like a man in drag. Those muscles aren’t appealing.

  4. Jeez, Janet! What are you coming to? I can’t think of ANYTHING catty to say about this item! 🙁

  5. Hello MONEY!!! Madonna looks amazing because she has millions to look that way. It is not “normal”. I am saying this because the media (and Madonna) want you to believe she is naturally preserved. People celebrities look good because they can AFFORD to. Quit fooling yourselves. They are mortal human beings not God.

  6. Janet, I have a big problem believing your statement that Gywnnie smokes two packs a day. She is all into that macro raw food diet thing. I doubt very much that she would eat well and then turn around and smoke 50 ciggies a day. I call bs on this one. Nice imagination…..

  7. Maybe they could teach each other to get rid of the husbands.

  8. madonna is chronic smoker. everyone knows that how else do you explain those pursed lines around her lips. not from sipping through straws.

  9. I’d rather Gwyn smoke than trust Madonna to teach her anything.

  10. I think Madonna looks great here, but she’s a false prophet, not a great singer or songwriter, which she’d like everyone to believe. She’s just a pushy narcissistic witch. I’m so over her.

  11. At least M’s not wearing that trendy Ed Hardy crap. That sh.t is so juvenile. Why anyone over 25 would wear it is beyond me.

  12. Aah.
    The unceasing insufferability that is the Paltrow. Her life is so hard! She looks likes she’s being held hostage in all these “walking to the gym” photos — and in a way, she is.
    She really met her when she hooked up with Methuselah. When two of the most self-involved people on the planet become BFF, one of them is bound to eventually go down…
    And I don’t think it’ll be the one who’s pushing sixty, er, 50.
    It’ll be interesting to see how long Gwynnie can hold out. She probably had no idea how much Vadge lives for this sort of attention.
    Of course, Gwyn could get an early reprieve when Madge realizes that in every one of these direct-sunlight shots she looks like the hag she is.

  13. Madonna is far from a hag. If she keeps up the workouts and the plastic surgery maintenance she’ll probably be like Raquel Welch and look good until she’s 60.

  14. Gwyneth has been looking very unhealthy for a long time now. She has had big circles under her eyes and looks very weak. I’m wondering if her diet has gone beyond macrobiotic and has gone into anorexia? As for those who question her smoking because of her fabled “macrobiotic diet”, (quotes because it may not be macrobiotic the way she practices it) it’s well known that she’s long been a heavy smoker. Ask anyone who works with her. Just because what (seemingly little) food she puts in her mouth is from heath food stores doesn’t mean her life style is all healthy. It doesn’t even mean her diet is healthy unless she getting enough of the right foods on a daily basis.

  15. Hope Gwynnie does not run into a wall while looking at her feet. To Gwynn: No one cares about you; you can look in the camera, what’s the dif?

  16. Gwyn has always looked frail, pale, and anemic. I have a picture of her naked on a balcony with Brad Pitt, both smoking…one of the rag mags; a clear picture, not doctored.

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