In 1998, Monica Lewinsky, now 44, was one of the most famous people in the world, yet she wasn’t able to parlay her fame into a profitable career. It turned out she wasn’t as innocent as she claimed – Monica had an affair with her married high school drama teacher before Bill Clinton. And Hillary Clinton’s condemnation of Monica instead of her husband has left a black mark on her own character. Bad decisions all. Today Monica is still single and says she has a hard time getting a job although she is educated. She devotes a lot of time speaking out against online bullying. For some reason, we have a hard time feeling sorry for her…

(Above, Monica in Manhattan )

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. But you have to give her credit for doing all she has been able to do to make amends to the world.

    When is enough enough?

  2. And you call yourself a feminist. Typical left wing nut who is guilty of everything they accuse others of.

    Bill Clinton was a horndog who raped and assaulted women. And that lesbian Hillary blames the women. Thank God that blasphemous low life woman didn’t win. And she calls herself a feminist, too. Ha!:

  3. When I heard that she was pissed at Fox News for continually reporting her BJ’s (AKA Roger Ailes death) in the oval office and claimed THEY ruined her life..I’m like noooo, YOU RUINED your own life with some really BAAAAAD decisions.

  4. Both of the Clintons belong in a federal prison cell.

  5. She may not be able to get a job, but she certainly could give one.

  6. I don’t feel sorry for her, I commend her for not being a publicity seeker. Those Clintons should be ashamed of themselves and I completely agree, she is lucky to still be alive. Too many girls in similar situations are not.

  7. She was a young lady, just out of child hood. Who wouldn’t be wowed by President Charismatic? HRC should have kept her man in check. She is what? 10 years older the Chelsea? Shame on you Bill. And it does matter you ruined this kids life. She could have said no, but you never should have went there. And your wife ripped her to shreds. Oh, yeah, girl power.

  8. HRC is nothing but trash, a hypocrite through and through. She’s about as transparent as Beyoncé who uses a “feminist” agenda to rally idiots.

  9. Shame on you all for fat shaming her and making jokes about her bad choices. Bottom line it was inappropriate and the blame goes to the boss man. As a 25 yo she Gould be having fun and cutting loose. She didn’t ruin any marriage, and she didn’t commit perjury. She was a lovely sweet girl the , and now, despite everything that happened to her. That’s admirable. And any man that’s ashamed or afraid to be with her should’ve ashamed of himself. Of course, she may be single by choice, which would show even more why Bill was inappropriate. That being said, he shouldn’t have been impeached, and calls for him and Hillary to he innorison are partisan idiot bullshit.

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