Lindsay Lohan may be sober but she seems to have replaced her substance abuse with an ANGER problem. She crashed a Ciroc party at Coachella and immediately started a big fuss demanding to get photographers thrown out. The party people WANTED the fotogs to cover the event and refused to evict them. They reminded her “It’s not YOUR party!” Lindsay got into such a nasty argument with paparazzi that SHE was asked to leave. Later she returned and apologized but she was still agitated. (Because she was sober?) When Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis came to the door (Remember “firecrotch?“) she told the organizers NOT to let them in. Of course they DID let them in, but Paris and Brandon were very relaxed and made no trouble while Lindsay fumed and fussed and made a big deal out of avoiding them. (Even Lindsay’s companion (assistant?) looked embarrassed.)

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  1. this is the result when you ENTER lilo on your computer, folks!!

  2. Still tweeking, poor bastard. I guess she’s on adderall instead of meth this time.

  3. Yeah, I guess it would suck for Lindsay to have the paps follow her around just waiting for her to slip up. Talk about pressure. How much can a young girl take? Sheesh!

    There is a solution for this little annoyance Lindsay……just stay home!!

  4. Either she is on something new or getting off something old.

  5. The other solution is to give her a reality show. That way those people who care about her antics can tune in, and the rest of us can tune her out. Then maybe we can go one day without a Lindsay Lohan, what the hell did she do now, story.

  6. It’s amusing how she still seems to think she is an actress and has a career …

  7. Only a matter of time before Sam Ronson is munching between her legs again!

  8. It seems such a short time ago Vanity Fair ran pics and a short article when she was 17 and on the rise! She seemed to have such a future and in a short time she went from looking so fresh to being such a loser. There is no repairing for her. Her self damage has taken it’s toll and she really can pass for her mother’s sister. So sad.

  9. If she ever gets the urge to hook up again with the hideous yet pitiful lesbo Samantha Ronson, then you can be sure the old demons of alcohol and drugs will come roaring back. 🙁

  10. Hasn’t she killed herself yet!

    “maybe” sober, yeah you got that right.

  11. can you fact check what you are reporting? Lindsay didnt crash any party and she even posed! they even tweeted her that night, thanking her for attening, stop making up shit

  12. Your story is untrue and shame on you, your site is becoming worst than Perez. She didnt crash their party, she was invited and she didnt cause any scene. FFS they even tweeted her thanking her for attending.

  13. Next Kate will be denying that Sam Ronson has been munching on her recently as well!

  14. It is not unusual for this to happen. LL was obviously self-medicating with drugs and alcohol for years to cope. But this is treatable and is much better than the other possibility, which is suicidal thoughts or actions.

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