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We must admit we dislike liars. We have an aversion to sources who don’t tell the whole truth, and even other gossip sites that deliberately misinform. So naturally we have little sympathy for habitual liars like Lindsay Lohan. Can she NEVER take responsibility for her actions? In this recent accident where her Porsche crashed into the back of a truck, she insisted the truck cut her off and it was HIS fault. The truck driver pointed out that he was totally in his lane when she struck him. (Other sources said Lindsay was driving VERY fast.) He went on to say that after the accident the Porsche driver (Lindsay) was hustled into an Escalade following her (driven by Lifetime people,) along with a mysterious “package.” He didn’t know who she was when her people offered him money to shut him up. He turned them down, having called 911. Now Lindsay is claiming that her BRAKES FAILED. On top of it she had her publicist try to make her look like a hero by announcing that Lindsay “insisted” on returning to work – even with her “cuts and bruises.” As a human being, Lindsay doesn’t have much to offer…

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  1. The last sentence says it all! Her whole family is so delusional.

  2. I agree with U. Like Britany, people feel like they “did this” to her by too much scrutiny. I wanted her to “come back” and conquer her demons but like Britany.. these women are not what their people try to make them out to be. IF the drugs are gone, the only demon left is the actual person. Innocent virgins? ~that barely know the english language(Brit).
    Ignorant and spoiled with continued coddling. They wouldn’t lie their asses off if it hadn’t worked for them so many times before. People pay them for this. Probably the only thing learned is this behavior. Their people claim they are perfect and general society rips them to shreds, when general society put the assholes on the pedestal in the first place.

  3. Good points and true. The film and music companies are the major enablers of the day. They promote serious drug use and coddle irresponsibility.

    Will be interesting who had the insurance on this.

    Soon Sam Ronson may drive her around….for a munch or two.

  4. What fool cast LL as Liz Taylor? Has the movie started filming yet? If so, wait until she shows up on the set drugged up, hung over, or in yet another car wreck. She will never be a responsible person, always blaming something or someone else on her many woes. She is a mental case and has been mentally sick for years.

  5. PS: Not to mention the times she will show up for work w/ very little sleep, having spent the night w/ the nasty little fungus troll, Samantha Ronson.

  6. She was adorable and brilliant in “The Parent Trap” a few years back — an even better movie, I think, than the original. Since then, it has pretty much been all downhill. I do feel sorry for her, but more than that, I am so ready for her to just… go… away.

  7. By Hilary, I agree, she was very good in The Parent Trap. She was also very impressive in Georgia Rules as well.

    In regards to this story. Lindsay needs to keep her ass out from behind the wheel, forever! She is going to kill herself, or worse yet, someone else.

  8. You people should be ashamed! You made her a star by patronizing her horrible ‘career’ and now you can’t wait for her to self destruct. Welcome to America.

  9. Lindsay Lohan a liar?(gasping and clutching at my pearls) Say it isn’t so!

  10. Has anyone in that family ever admitted that they made a mistake? How can it always be someone else’s fault? Delusion is their middle name.

  11. My question is, if Lifetime was following her, did Lynds crash a Porche that belonged to the movie set? Lifetime got themselves a real prize in that one.

  12. It’s easy enoungh to prove if the brakes failed. It would be fun to see what was in the package they removed. The studio will be paying big money on this one. She won’t finish this film.

  13. The film and music companies are the major enablers of the day. They promote serious drug use and coddle irresponsibility.

    Will be interesting who had the insurance on this.

    Soon Sam Ronson may drive her around….for a munch or two.

  14. well, most americans are born with naivity aka stupidness.

  15. Lohan has had a dishonest environment to grow up in. She appears to be the spawn of two sad people that rejoice in the greed and decadent lifestyle that Hollywood has to offer. She doesn’t seem to have any genuinely decent role models. It is as if she sees things as eat or be eaten.

  16. I agree with Indy. She is a mental case and has been for a long time now, probably always has been or else from drug use which can permanently damage the brain and brain chemistry. Unfortunately, that isn’t publicised enough to people who think about abusing drugs. Of course, there’s always idiots who don’t care what it’ll do to them, but as far as I’m concerned Lindsay is a lost cause. I don’t understand how or why she keeps getting acting jobs.

  17. Fried swiss cheese for brains was just giving selective deductions for what possibly happened while she was distracted by her real star power life, gossiping with p.a.; telling her to go to more places for freebies; listening to music and her script part that day, chatting with multiple agents and bored with tending to actual driving while no one was filming her for money..

  18. Kitty, I agree with you for agreeing. Thanks for agreeing. lol 🙂 But the girl I think is basically sad and mixed up and needs major psychiatric help for a long time.
    And that should be done before she signs up to do any movie.

  19. “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”…..Mark Twain

  20. That “mysterious” package must have contained her coke & morals since she sold her soul.

  21. Never mind the crash. What’s the deal with those ridiculous extensions Lohan is wearing for her role as Elizabeth Taylor?! Are the producers that delusional about what La Liz looked like? She NEVER wore her hair down to her waist–and if she had, it sure as hell would have been real . . . like everything else about that fabulous dame.

  22. why in the world did anyone ever think that Lindsay looks anything like the gorgeous LIz, there is no resemblance, and it is insulting to Elizabeth Taylor and her memory to have this idiot play her

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