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Life & Style magazine is still desperately trying to make Jennifer Aniston pregnant – they must have had at least a dozen covers claiming that over the past few years. This one got right to the point with “how she’s hiding her bump.” Not only is she “hiding her bump” in tight dresses, but she’s drinking like a fish. Jen was at the Chateau Marmont with Justin Theroux last Sunday and Monday night quite happily downing one vodka on the rocks after another. Will the next issue of Life & Style accuse her of trying to kill her imagined “baby” with fetal alcohol syndrome?

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  1. The tabloids love making up stories about Aniston. Whatever happened to the occasional story about martians from outer space or the Abominable Snowman living in Washington state with Bigfoot?

    Aniston seems to have a pretty happy life. She always appears happy and satisfied. I think that is why she is such a target.

    I think I’ll toast her with a vodka on the rocks. 🙂 Cheers!!!

  2. Make mine a double Walt.

    I have no idea why they waste ink on stuff like this. It absolutely never proves true.

    Love the headline about Kim K. dropping 15 lbs. for Kanye. She probably just washed all the makeup off her face.

  3. @Denise, LMAO! I’m sure her makeup does weigh 15 lbs.
    I’ll raise my glass to that toast but since I don’t drink anymore, mine is just plain coke on the rocks 🙂

  4. It’s clear that she really, really doesn’t WANT any kids, at least not right now. Yet, the tabloids try to force it down us that somehow, she is “missing out” by not having a baby. Let her be! 🙂

  5. So I went back to January and started looking for the Psycho’s postings. I only got a few days in when I started to get a headache reading the shit we write when we’re drinking. I gave up. It would take a week of sleuthing and searching to find them.
    But they are there.
    Aniston isn’t pregnant if she’s drinking.

  6. One final note to this shit then I will leave it alone as it’s too freaky and I don’t want to think about it anymore.
    This person who did this thing{which is still unfolding} is a new and unforseen type of monster. He did his professional best to touch everyone who is on the world wide web. On messaging, twitter, the electonic world. He used that to involve us all. To make us all feel connected to his obscene movie he was creating. It is brilliant in its purity of maniacal intent. It is something new.
    I’m taking a hot shower and snuggling in.
    Life is too scary sometimes. I don’t know if I want IPhone anymore.
    IPhone. IBuy. INeed. INternet. ISpend. IConnect. ILose. IThink.

  7. Life and style is the absolute worst magazine out there. No gossip and ridiculously fake stories. I wouldn’t even take a free copy it’s that bad.

  8. You didn’t hear it from me but thei editor Dan Wakeford is about to be fired. My friend is German and knows the Bauer sisters who own this publishing house, Hopefully this tabloid will get better once he is replaced. Give it three months, maximum,

  9. believe it or not: SHE WAS BORN WITH A LITTLE PENIS!!
    ………and former boy’s still can’t get pregnant in america.

    (thank god for that)

  10. A baby would definitely cramp her style. She is too vain to grow a kid; she wants to keep being admired for her perfect bod, which she constantly grooms and worries about: yoga, pilates, facials, washing hair in evian water. I’m surprised at the heavy drinking, which needless to say is not too good for overall health. Jen is a mystery woman, who still is pissed off at being left for the husband stealer. She’s getting over it, but still not entirely over it. (imho)

  11. Patrick:

    I don’t remember this monster posting, but there is some smidgen I barely recall about something, but it’s been maybe a year?

    I don’t have anything but a cell phone. No iphone,ipad,smartphone, twitterphone, yada yada. Too many other things to do. I’m behind the times and that’s where I wanna be. lol 🙂

  12. Getting dumped over and over again is the best thing that happened to this so-called “comedic actress”.
    Seen her films and the only comedy I’ve seen comes from her male co-stars but the MSM is so far up her assssssss it’s embarassing.

  13. I’m with you Indy. She really is too vain, IMO, to get knocked up. She will probably use a surrogate if she does plan on having a child. After all, her body and her hair are her trademarks, and pregnancy isn’t good for either.

    Even the fact of her “freezing her eggs” is just not right. I don’t agree with this process, at all. It’s a sure sign of a control freak.

  14. If she faked a preganancy…I’m sure the Press will give her cover.

  15. Believe it or not, not all women want children. And that’s ok.

  16. She is barren like Nicole K, but who cares?

  17. I think, judging by the way she looks, she’s rather going to be a dad… She’s not nicknamed “MANISTON” for nothing…

  18. “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”…..Anonymous

  19. Why don’t no Life & zero Style mag have the baby for her if they’re so worried about her state of well being. Seriously, are they running out of crap to write? I’m with Walt, I miss those UFO sightings & three headed baby stories, they were more believable.

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