Plenty of women would love to know how Stacy Keibler landed George Clooney for a boyfriend. He IS, after all, notoriously generous, and one of the hottest male commodities in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s why Stacy has been offered the ultimate celebrity status symbol – her own signature fragrance. The company that does Katy Perry’s successful cologne is working to debut a Stacy Keibler’s fragrance as soon as possible – while she and George are still going strong.

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  1. But seriously, why would anyone (outside of teenagers that can’t yet think for themselves) buy a perfume because of the name!? Wouldn’t you buy something cause you and the opposite sex (or whatever) likes the smell.

    I can’t pronounce the french name of what i wear, and when people ask I feel a bit silly about it, but not as stupid as I would feel if I said, ‘oh I’m wearing Britney Spears’ or some other cheap as brand perfume.

  2. As long as she does not mention marriage, then she’ll get to stick around!

    I think it’s rather noble how GC hooks his women up.

  3. Clooney is purportedly a homosexual so their ‘relationship’ is cleary contractual.

  4. Cal, I was just about to type that. I imagine Britney Spears’ cologne smells like cigarettes and Cheetos

  5. They don’t look like they even have sex. Already hooking her up with perfume endorsements? Lifetime payments even after they break up. She really must be a good girl.

  6. The perfume folks, and Stacy, are smart to get together now… because… and it always happens… the current Clooney squeeze will wonder why marriage isn’t in the picture — usually at about the two-year mark — and Clooney will then drop the girlfriend, but with a festive financial package. I, for one, do not believe he is gay. He just doesn’t want to ever be married again! His attitude is been there, done that! 🙂

  7. “Clooney is purportedly a homosexual so their ‘relationship’ is cleary contractual”

    True, its common knowledge in Hollyweird…

  8. What I don’t understand is: if Strom doesn’t approve of homosexuals, why is he watching biographies about them? Just wonderin’

  9. Hmmm didn’t Looney date Travolta’s wife….So Faux.

  10. Putting the tranny’s out there for all to see where the Aids thing comes from. Send them ALL to Gay Island!

  11. I like Clooney but more and more it looks like he plays for the home team. That would explain the wealth and business opportunities offered to the lovely ladies that he “dates.”

    If it works for him, that’s good. That’s his business.

  12. I don’t think George is aging well. I also wouldn’t want to date a guy that had dated a thousand other woman! I would be leary of him right off the bat. When is it my turn to hit the trail!?

  13. ……………this because she was mentioned in his “Will” last week.

  14. Stacy deserves all the attention because she is one of the sexiest women on the planet.

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