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Courteney Cox has this look on her face that says “Gee – it’s SUCH a drag being a celebrity. and here I am carrying all these big bags chock full of great stuff from from Barneys – and now the paparazzi are closing in. Poor little me!” You’d think she has nothing to smile about!

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  1. She just looks normal.
    I don’t think she ever does anything extreme and you only hear good things about her.

  2. One thing about her … she will go out in public with her hair not perfect, practically no makeup on, white as a ghost … natural. I do prefer that to Jen Aniston, her best friend, who always has to have the tan, every hair on her head in place, clothes just so, the expensive watch, blah blah. Courtney is more down to earth, a real person.

  3. OMG … have you seen the latest picture of Lisa Rinna? She was at some ball in Hollywood — she has done something to her cheeks, they are ghastly. Don’t know if was implant, injection, filler, etc.

  4. Janet, this woman is shallow, empty and vacant. She has no soul. Hollywood has made her an empty vessel.

  5. She was my least favorite of the ‘Friends’. She was always over-acting and every few minutes would scream out loud ….”I KNOW”. No wonder David has been seen with other younger hos, maybe to boost his self-esteem, as she controls his life and everything else she can. She is totally fixated on Coco (giggle), and David now never smiles. She doesn’t smile much either.

  6. i’m not CC fan, but leave her (all of them) alone ONCE IN A WHILE.

  7. oh jeez…..maybe she had cramps that day….maybe she was just in a bad mood…..o, wait a minute, if you’re famous, you aren’t ALLOWED to have any normal feelings….
    screw YOU!!

  8. Not if you’re abnormal like 98% of Gollyweird.
    Plus, the nasty cable show ‘Dirt’ would hardly be called normal, but depraved.

  9. Seriously? She looks fine. Since does everyone have to have a permanent smile on their face? Maybe her feet hurt. Maybe the paparazzi is yelling rude questions at her, you know how they try to get a reaction. I think it’s funny when people comment that they don’t like a certain celeb. Hmm, have you ever actually met that person? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  10. Jeez, she looks fine. Does she have to go around with a fake smile plastered to her face every minute of the day? Should she only go outside to stage phony photo ops like those morons Heidi and Spencer? Give this woman a break. If you want to talk about sour faces, let’s talk about Lisa Marie “My Daddy Overdosed and All I Got Was This Unearned 8-Figure Inheritance” Presley.

  11. She is a perfectionist in real life, just like her character, Monica on “Friends”, was a perfectionist. David is way more laid back. I guess opposites attract? 8 years difference in age, tho, and there’s been rumors of trouble brewing, as David was caught flirting.

  12. Janet, I think you are being a bit harsh about Courtney. She’s just going about her daily business. I see no frown or other negative expression.

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