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Looking “down and out” former teen idol Leif Garrett was seen shopping at the 99 Cent Store in LA. Our informant told us he looked beat up – like he’d been punched in the nose again, had a bandana on his head, scraggly hair, and looked “homeless.” Garrett has a history of drug abuse and arrests. Despite his appearance, he had money to buy things, and walked out carrying “four or five bagsful of stuff.”

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  1. More outstanding members of society.
    Is everybody a walking freak show in HW.

  2. Janet, you seem to be taking pleasure in this poor man’s misfortune. Is this not against your religion?
    This poor man needs help, not jeers or made up stories. Shame on you.

  3. Sad, sad, sad. Leiff Garrett used to be so PRETTY!!
    I remember thity years ago, when we were fighting over the same “boy” Dirk Etienne of Virgin teen idol fame at the Starwood club.
    Hope Leiff can get his act together

  4. How sad. I never was a LG fan when I was a teenybopper, but these stories about him makes me sad. I pray he gets help before it’s too late.

  5. Wow, Leif was the biggest thing when I was in H.S., in the 80s.
    Unbelievable this is the same man today.

  6. I had Lief Garrett posters in my room. I can’t believe how he turned out. Sad.

  7. Two old ex-fame chicks dodged the bullet by losing him as a lover. Leif Garrett dated actress Nicollette Sheridan. The relationship began when Sheridan was 15 and the two lived together in the home of Garrett’s mother. During the late 1980s and early 1990, Garrett dated Justine Bateman.

  8. Leif has not weathered well. The orange top looks like prison garb, maybe it’s a pic of when he was in jail or rehab?
    RE: The 99 cent store: the stuff he gets in there would be $1.49 to $1.99 at a regular store or grocery store, so why not shop there.

  9. >>RE: The 99 cent store: the stuff he gets in there would be $1.49 to $1.99 at a regular store or grocery store, so why not shop there.

  10. leif garret was great;
    he really worked his “natural bulge”.
    i used to copy his open-shirt/narrow, fitzgeraldian silk beige disco scarf look @ junior high dances…

  11. Janet you shop at the 99 cents store too. You were the one who saw Lief.

  12. Tsk, tsk. Because he was a “child star” probably set him up for this.
    The list if long. Very long. That business chews you up and spits you out.
    Myself, I don’t find the humor in someone else’s suffering.

  13. This looks nothing, not even a little bit like Leif and what happened to his hair wasn’t he a blonde?

  14. leave leif alone,every one makes mistakes,that was he,he is better now,and on the way back in,he is still pretty hot.so what if hewas in a cheap store.celebs go to yardsales to.

  15. i misspelled then in my last comment .i put he instead…sorry

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