How ridiculous is the claim that Pippa Middleton padded her butt for her sister Kate’s wedding? Yet the story spread like wildfire. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that fashion-conscious, slender women do NOT WANT big bottoms. The only “expert” quoted for this absurd claim was a random London spa owner – A MAN of course, and who knows more about style and butt pads than a “spa owner?” Nobody consulted with a fashion expert or designer. Women know that well-chosen clothing can enhance the look of one’s body. (We see NO evidence of padding in photo of Pippa carrying Kate’s train above)


  1. The only idiot who’d stuff their ass with silicone is none other than Kim Lardass-hian. Both Kate & Pippa have great bodies & don’t need to change a thing.

  2. I just don’t get the worlds fascination with this woman right now. In my opinion, she really isn’t all that great looking and her body is average at best. Personally, I think her older sister is the one that got all the looks in the family. In the photo above, she appears to have a barely there ass!

  3. I agree with Muffin. I don’t get the Pippa craze although she is a very pretty girl. This debate over whether or not she padded her butt is the most ridiculous issues I have ever heard of. Clearly someone has too much time on their hands.

    Speaking of having time on your hands, I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t see Casonia’s attraction.

  4. Janet, I think what we value in bodies changes and evolves over time the same way fashion does. When I was a kid, I wanted a flat bone pokey butt like Charlie’s Angels. Now I wish I had more volume like most black women have. In the ’50s, no woman would have wanted a visible 6pack, but in the ’90s that became the thing to have. Girls used to want to be petite, but now teens suddenly think they need to be at least 5’8″.

    I don’t think Pippa padded, but I assume the gown was shaped to create the illusion of a shapely butt.

  5. The London spa owner that showed the world his ignorance simply by opening his hateful mouth should be kicked on his mangy butt for mentioning something so absurd to the media.

    Pippa’s family should start a rumor about the spa man. They could say that he was a drunken fool that often had his way with his neighborhood sheep. lol

  6. @Denise

    Be careful watching Hell’s Kitchen!!! I think it’s dangerous and messes with people’s heads. LOL!!!!

  7. In the UK most people are not interested in the ‘royals’. Why is America so fascinated by this rubbish?

  8. I don’t understand all the fascination with the useless “They all work so hard” royals. Let them get real jobs and have to live hand to mouth like the great majority of people in this world-then they’d know what real work is all about!

  9. @ Walt:
    I hear you!!
    Thank you for being another brave one to mention the disadvantages of being a Hell’s Kitchen Watching Addict. I am convinced that someone on this site who has multiple Names have Hell’s Kitchen antics engraved deep into the brain!!

  10. I am glad this was brought up because I do not understand the fascination either. To me, she is not the least bit attractive. She has done nothing newsworthy either.

  11. for LOSER-AMERICANS this the only interesting part of a woman’s body…………

  12. Do they want her ass to stick out or what? And I don’t think Kate or Pippa are especially pretty. Just OK looking and too thin and appears titless. BTW, the way the wedding dress is cut at the top it looks like Kate is ‘stuffed’. lol. And the last pic I saw of William, he looks tired and has lost more hair. poor royals.

  13. @Walt, I don’t usually watch Hell’s Kitchen but I was channel surfing, saw it and (egads) thought of Casonia. I could not believe the way he talked to the “chefs”, or how they spoke to each other. If I was in a restaurant and heard that kind of language coming from the kitchen I would get up, get out, and never go back.

  14. @Denise

    Thank goodness your back!

    Good Morning! 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean and that’s the reason I can’t watch it. It’s a vile and hostile environment.

    Okay, now promise me you won’t wander off like that again. You had all of us sane people worried. 🙂

  15. Leo,

    “I am convinced that someone on this site who has multiple Names have Hell’s Kitchen antics engraved deep into the brain!!”

    who might you be referring too? Just wondering if we are suspecting the same person?

  16. (raises hand) Girl Scout Promise. I will never watch Hell’s Kitchen again.

  17. That dress she wore for the wedding was gorgeous but I would never say she had a fabulous figure, just tall and slim. As for the fascination with her butt all I can say is “what butt”. Both of the Middleton girls tan too much, wear too much black eyeliner, and look older than their ages and very hard in the face. She stood up for her sister in her wedding, she’s not the “next big thing”, so not sure why we are all even talking about her.

  18. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Really shocking to see Jamie hit the road..But she was a smart ass and had a really bad personality but she did not stay on top of things and gave him Burnt Veggies and seem not to speak up when she needed to! Weak to some degree. says:

    Yes that dress is magic and amazing and of course will blow any one mind and Yes this two wonderful ladies dressed to kill and look so lovely and awsome. Fantastic and of course your sister has her own life and every one has a right to go there own directions.

  19. Casonia Ramsey because i married him and dont care what any of you think and theres pudding in my pocket and thats a big plus when your waiting for the bus and chef Ramsey is having my baby so ther will be love in the dressers says:

    I will pray for all of you to feel in love like we are now and the world needs more children even if Tom Cruise isnt having any more if there was more kittens in homes than people might like hells kitchen more.

  20. @Denise

    Okay. That’s better now. I think my blood pressure is back to normal. LOL We need to make sure little YoYo stays away too! 🙂

  21. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Love to see who is going to get there ass kicked off and last night..I Really wanted to see Elisa go! But we never know who is going to go and sooner or later we are going to find out?Hells kitchen really Rocks and Rolls. says:

    Poor Pippa had a life before every one starting budding into her life and sooner or later she is going to feel the stress and here comes the harassment and every moves she makes for the rest of her life is nolonger be privacy connected to that at hand.. Goodbye freedom..Know every one is going to turn into a two faced back stabbing friend..Who is out to sale anything about you for the biggest buck?

  22. @ Muffin:
    Have a terrific Tuesday!!

    I am willing to bet a box of raspberry krispy kreme donuts that we are thinking of the same commentator. I can’t remember such ranting and raving since Dustin Hoffman played Mumbles in Dick Tracy!!

  23. @Leo

    “……such ranting and raving since Dustin Hoffman played Mumbles in Dick Tracy!!”

    LOL!!!!!!!! Love your analogies!!! 🙂

  24. @Walt & Denise,

    You guys taking confectionery again? Dam, last woman who gave me her number was 800-Jenny & that was at the corner aisles of Entenmann’s & Sarah Lee.


    Do you have a recipe embedded somewhere in your poster name?

  25. to answer pippa: I think we are fascinated by the royals because we know it is expected of them to live high wide and handsome. But here in the U.S., with our major economic troubles and joblessness, we resent the commies in the Whitehouse that take major vacations, spend time on the golf course, and throw Ramadan and other dinners constantly, and we poor tax payers have to pay for it.

  26. @YoYo

    I can’t speak for Denise but I am hopped up on chocolate covered almonds and buttery popcorn. It gives me a high and I feel like I can do anything!!!! LOL!!!

    You have to promise Denise, Leo, Indy and myself (and many others) that you will stay in your yard and not wander off to Hell’s Kitchen Land. Even if the courageous Patrick ended up in that wicked wicked land, I fear he could not come back undefiled. LOL!!!!!!!

  27. that photo was retouched to diminish her curving, jennifer aniston-style butt.
    anyway, you sound crazy when you talk about big butts.
    fashion has changed, janet!
    wake up and smell the booty!

  28. Pippa looked very pretty in her dress…she has a nice trim figure but IMO her face is, at best, plain…Kate certainly has a prettier face…so I dont get all the buzz about Pippa at all. I agree with whoever said women’s looks and whats is perceived to be attractive changes. In the 80’s petite permed brunettes were thought to be hot…god, I miss the 80’s…lol. As for Kim K behinds…why anyone would want a behind like hers is beyond me!!

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