The Kirstie Alley backlash has begun. LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara is fed up with Kirstie and has had “enough of her complaining, fawning assistants, and tricked-out gym.” She says things have changed since Kirstie’s show “Fat Actress” – “it’s a recession now and obesity is considered a medical epidemic.” In other words, it’s not so funny to see Kirstie sitting on her ample rear in her fancy gym in her mansion, screaming like a fishwife for her personal assistant. And complaining about the tabloids when you’re launching a reality show is “just plain stupid.” The critic has little empathy for the self-centered, spoiled actress and would rather see Kirstie lose weight while doing volunteer work in Haiti or some such place. “Losing weight does not make you a better person – just a thinner person.”

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  1. I agree 100 Billion Zillion Gazillion Trillion Maximillion percent! On every point! What’s so special about losing weight? People do it every single day and without all the fanfare and special asskissing that Alley expects and or gets. She will NEVER lose the weight as is obvious or she would have done so in her past efforts. I’m sick of her getting more milage out of banging this same old tired drum. Time to retire the scam.

  2. That Times writer was spot on. Kirstie’s Fat Actress was knockdown hilarious, but her nuttiness has gone too far and now she’s just a jerk.

  3. well also, can we discuss the fact that she is saying she weighs 260 pounds?????? if she weighs 260 then oprah weighs 115 pounds. i think it is absolutely appalling that she would do a tv show and LIE about her weight. she is over 5’7″ tall – i think she’s about 5’8″ and she AIN’T no 230. she also said her goal is 135-140. well that’s disgusting. i am 5’5″ tall. I look anorexic @ 129. my best weight is about 142 or 143 as I am over 40 and she is WELL over 40. i think it is a travesty that celebrities do this. they lie lie lie to sell whatever they are selling and it is sad for people who look to them as roll models. some poor soul is going to watch that show and think that it is “realistic” to get down to 135 pounds @ 5’8″ and when they fail are going to be really disappointed and it makes me kinda sick. shame on you kirstie liar.

  4. She will never lose the weight, peiod. It’s not wired in her DNA and her attitude.

  5. In the very back of her mind she is probably pissed off that Scientology has not helped her. After all, she has pumped million$ into it, and Scientology can do ANYTHING. Just ask tiny terrible Cruise-master.

  6. I like Kirstie Alley. I think she looks amazing for 59 years old. Yes, she is overweight and needs to get rid of the pounds, but she looks very young. I thought the show was interesting at first, but what turned me off was the way she was screaming for her assistants. It became hard to watch. It seemed obnoxious and hard to believe that it was in fact “reality”.

  7. I think Scientology is using this weight loss product and TV program as a way to build a data base of names, addresses and personal information.

    Think of all the people with low self esteem that can be targeted with their ‘message’!?!

    p.s. I think that Jim the ‘handy man’ is one of her Scientology handlers.

  8. I estimate Kirstie is closer to 280-300. She was still fat when she did that stupid bikini walk on Oprah. She’s not relevant any more and just embarasses herself on these television shows.

  9. She would like to trade the apple for her favorites: Cheeseburger, loaded tacos, and Chinese Sesame chicken.

    And yes, when she was on Oprah in that bikini, her thunder thighs alone weighed as much as the average 5′ 5″ female. rotflmao

  10. What she does is this: scream, twist her face into weird contortions, and eat, not necessarily in that order.

  11. Here it is, get ready for it, drum roll:


  12. She should go live in Uganda:

    The Uganda men love, love, love their women fat, the fatter the better.

    She could eat all she wants and the bigger she gets is good news.

    To be very fat and very rich in poverty-stricken Uganda, she could have the whole country in the palm of her hand.

    Plus, she would get the benefits of well-hung natives, since by her own admission she has not had a boyfriend in years.

  13. Yes, she was enormous on the Oprah show when she claimed to have lost 75 pounds and came out in a “bikini” (along with some sort of body suit that had a seam up the front of her belly in plain sight, and covered her HUGE legs).

    Judging by her height and size and comparing her to my sister who is the same height and is overweight, she is at LEAST 300 pounds. PERIOD! She is a huge liar and should only be believed if she gets on a scale ON CAMERA!

  14. ROFLMAO! God you guys are funny. Hilarious thread. Agree with all of you–she looks like she weighs at least 300, and there’s nothing funny or amusing about spoiled celebs and their indulgences or temper tantrums.

  15. I don’t get the appeal of this at all. Why do I want to watch some has-been scream and yell and waddle around making a spectacle or herself? It’s about as interesting as listening to an elephant seal with PMS.

  16. She went off drugs, had many serious tragedies and suffers from medical conditons which are probably not properly diagnosed due to that silly religion which prevents you from any medical complaints if you are properly trained, audited free of badness and a strick believer.

  17. Get real! Kirstie is never going to do “volunteer” work in Haiti unless the Scientology bosses TELL her to.

  18. That is soooo correct. She does exactly what Scientology tells her to do and gives the big bucks that she is required to give. Maybe she stays in SCI because they believe in reincarnation and she is hoping she will come back as a little bitty skinny person.

  19. It would be GREAT if Kirstie would read these remarks by the normal observer! Maybe then she’d get it thru her thick head that nobody wants to watch that crap she’s putting out and to quit coming out and shoving this lie down our throats. None of us believes her, and all of us agree she’ll never lose the weight and she’s a nutjob who’s time is over and it’s time to go away now and stop lying about this crap once and for all.

    If she’s REALLY going to do it, go away and do it privately and quietly and then when it’s OFF, then come forward and tell us and we’ll believe you and listen. But THIS…THIS is just a scam to get us to buy into your rediculous “diet” food racket and we’re not biting!

  20. How does she have money for a masion and her own gym, let alone all they have to give to the Scientologists? She isnt making much off a reality show to afford that lifestyle and didnt Parker clean her out in that divorce? WTF?

  21. I am glad someone else doubts the 230. I couldn’t believe it. I think she is pretty tall, like 5’9″ or so and she is pretty big. There is no way she is 230. I think 270 or more is likely. I liked how she dodged the question on Larry King Live when he asked why Scientology, which has a good record on drug rehab, couldn’t help her on weight loss. I really used to like her, but she has gotten annoying. Plus, she totally overreacted when Merideth Viera asked her a completely legit question about her supplements she is pushing and what connection it had to Scientology.

  22. Lisa: Yeah, I saw that too when Meredith asked her about it. She went totally bonkers, so my conclusion is she is really afraid of Scientology. And she has every right to be afraid, as they have a long history of making life miserable for anyone who crosses them, even murdering several in the past.

  23. fellow americans like to fool eachother.

    (did you really believe it was serious?)

  24. In truth, if you add up all the years Kirsty was thin it does not come close to the amount of years she has been obese.

    It is hard to have sympathy for someone that eats enough food for a family of twelve in one sitting. Some people weren’t born with good metabolisms, I get that. Not everyone has to be a size 6. But when you single-handedly keep The Cheesecake Factory and Nabisco in business there is a problem.

    Bottom line, Kirsty, is you like stuffing your face. But subjecting the entire country every 3 years to your yoyo diets and quest to lose 200 pounds of fat is desperate and tiring.

    Stuff your face, own up to being a pig, because no one really cares. If you want to clog your arteries and die of obesity related health issues that is your road in life to take. Just stop including the public.

    Amazing Scientology can cure you of a severe drug habit but they can’t help you put the donuts down?!?

  25. When you are in Scientology, the only thing that’s gonna lose weight is your wallett.

  26. It appears that every one of you commenters has watched her shows, along with Oprah and whatever else show you’ve referenced in your gripes; you read trashy tabloids for background material; and then you’re all on your computers ranting about it. That says more about all of you than Kirstie.

  27. Dont watch Kirstie’s show, as I don’t have cable. And only watch Oprah if the subject is halfway interesting.

  28. Red Rooster,

    No need to watch her shows when for the last few years we have seen her Jenny Craig commercials, commercials for her appearances on Oprah about her weight, commercials for her new reality show about…..wait for it……………..her losing weight, commercials for Fat Actress (no description necessary), on the cover of stuffing her face of every tabloid magazine in the line at the grocery check out. No need to watch her shows when without even trying we are sucked in to her revolving door of yoyo diets and eating the State of California out of house and home. One would literally have to be blind and deaf not to take notice. It is almost as if this is the only way she can stay relevant or in the public eye. She has to take the country on her obese roller coaster on a yearly basis. Oprah is not far behind her.

    Bottom line, Kirsty is almost 60 years old if not older and she needs to be realistic that she will never be a size 6 again. Own it. Move on. I for the life of me cannot even remember what she looked like as a thin person as it was that long ago.

  29. Everyone has a struggle of some kind, weight,smoking,drinking,gambling,gossiping, greediness,vanity, ect. Point is we all struggle with something, but we judge everyone elses struggle as if there struggle is worse than yours! Instead of making jokes and talking nasty about Kirsty we should pray for her. Just a thought! God bless!

  30. I agree with everyone, I actually like her because of her love for animals.. and she is funny. BUT, the Scientology thing has to go.

    First of all, she is lying about the weight.. I am five feet zero, and I had gotten up to almost 230 – and even i looked thinner than she does on the show – so no way – she has to be at least 350..

    I had gastric bypass and am well on my way to a healthy weight now. I am actually a little older than her, so it can be done.

    I think the only reason she wouldn’t opt for surgery, since she is obviously a candidate -is that any good bariatric surgeon requires you to go for at least two psychologist or psychiatric evaluations – and Scientologists don’t believe in any psychiatric sciences.

    They are dilusional, and don’t believe in a higher power of any kind, except L.R. Hubbard and some alien from 5000 years ago. She would be better off being an atheist than believing in this fairytale.

    As for the lifestyle, I wondered the same thing, do you think that maybe her still very rich Scientologist friends help her financially, or the church does for past service?

    Its definitely a cult. I have respect for all religions, but not cults.

    What a waste..

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