There’s a reason why “Twilight” legend Rob Pattinson looks so cool and calm as he’s being pawed by fans in London. It’s because THIS is the Madame Tussaud wax museum and Rob’s image has just been revealed to the public. Fans have been lining up to manhandle and be photographed with their wax movie idol (His film “Remember Me” is a big hit over there.) Museum staffers say his figure is already the “most kissed celebrity” on display. Every night they have to wipe off the lipstick.


  1. He’s gone onto pathetically desperate and the fall will be long, terrifying and the impact will be hard.. and harsh because he is going to go fame bonkers like River and Joaquin Phoenix, Keanu and Kurt, Courtney Love..
    Lindsay is in a dirtbag dive catagory of her own.

  2. I don’t at all understand why this guy is considered to be such a hunk. I get it that its a teen thing and that the young girls are into him, but what do older women see in him? I admit I’ve never seen any of his movies (and don’t intend to; the trailers look horrible).

  3. Extreme dumbness has infected the female population. There must be a lot of love-starved whores out there. However, to paw around on a wax figure would seem to indicate that they have deep mental disturbances. BTW, the real-life Rob in those dumb movies has no more facial expression that his wax figure.

  4. If that pasty, vapid-looking wuss is a movie star, then there is no hope for us and for the whole world. Just resign yourself to it and remember the entire universe is in a state of fear, misery, and suffering. All you gotta do is look at TV and headlines.

  5. I agree with all of you. I haven’t a clue what Triangle Head is doing being famous and a sex symbol. He has the oddest head I have ever seen, and skrawny, pasty white glow in the dark skin isn’t exactly appealing on a “hunk”. I don’t get it at all.

  6. You’ve got to remember in this day and time you’re famous for getting pissed on.

  7. I bet those girls will feel foolish when they learn rob prefers =========D

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