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Last year Kirstie Alley parted company with Jenny Craig after a three year relationship. The National Enquirer declared she was dumped for being too fat, but Kirstie insisted she left because she wanted to start her OWN weight loss program. Kirstie’s diet plan might as well be called the Taco Bell Weight Loss Program, judging by these recent photos. She was photographed picking up a to go order of food at Dusty’s in Silver Lake.


  1. She needs to find a man like Pierce Brosnan that likes fatties. Like looking for a needle in a haystack though.

  2. “Misogynistic”
    adjective: having or showing a hatred and distrust of women.

  3. Obviously her weight battle continues. If you’ve never been in a weight battle, you can’t understand how difficult it is.

  4. You’ve seen those ANKLES?
    HANG YOURSELF, folks!!

  5. I won’t mock someone’s weight problems, but I will mock their *reality* problems if they claim to have super-powers and then blatantly demonstrate to the world that they do not.
    Actually, I pity those who have been caught in the mind-trap of Scientology.

  6. Scientology is supposed to be the cure-all for everything. Cruise and Travolta are always espousing the auditing/cleansing sessions. Don’t they have a special class for fatties, maybe hook them up with Xenu for a special diet. Bottom line: Scientologists are the biggest fools in this universe. SCI is out for money and that’s all.

  7. A government-big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away—–Thomas Jefferson

  8. “If she is happy, who are we to judge and criticize?”
    I don’t know…is she happy? Judging by HER OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS, Kirstie would be happier if she had lost weight. Has she achieved that goal (through Jenny Craig or Scientology)? More importantly, has she maintained it? I don’t see any significant change other than her getting BIGGER. How can she be happy with that constant reminder of failure? I don’t think Kirstie has reached a point where she’s “at peace” with her current weight either.
    Until she is able to control her own weight gain, she should be the LAST person to instruct others on how to lose the pounds and model a fit lifestyle.

  9. Kirstie was so damn funny on “Cheers.” We have to remember her for that. Send her good thoughts and good will.

  10. She is definitely one person who looks aweful when heavy. She looks uncomfortable, like in a fat suit, and she just can’t wait to get out of it. I feel sorry for her lack of self control and disapline, she looks incredibly sad and hopless in most of her pictures and will not get any roles looking like that. Her career is over.

  11. Kirstie Alley is one of the few naturally beautiful faces in Hollywood. She can always lose weight if she wants to; however, she’ll never have to carve her face up to look beautiful. She’s the winner already.

  12. Things she must do: 1. Lose weight 2. Quit Scientology. She must lose weight or she will die physically. She must quit Sciengology or she will die spiritually and spend eternity with Satan.

  13. She can find many to pull those big thighs apart. Our Secretary of State would in a heartbeat.

  14. I thought Scientology was known as one of the most successful weight-gain programs (see John Travolta) around. So what’s the problem?

  15. Pierce Brosnan doesn’t particularly “like fatties”, as you so sweetly put it. He happens to LOVE HIS WIFE, no matter what size or shape she comes in. Shallow people like yourself don’t seem to get the fact that size, beauty, and cookie cutter looks are the last thing that should be considered important above all else. People, and relationships have far more components than the superficial. Grow up, find some compassion somewhere, and let people love where they will.

  16. When Kirstie went on Oprah, she still wasn’t honest about how much weight she had really lost.She claimed she started at 212 and was down to 145 when she was on Oprah in the bikini. That’s impossible. Looking at her, you could tell she weighed a lot more than 145. She could never really be honest with herself and was doomed to fail because of that.

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