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A few years ago Hayden Panettiere accused a photographer of “photoshopping” a cigarette into her hand. THAT’S how sensitive she is about the fact that she’s a closet smoker. Whenever she’s interviewed, the interviewer is warned NOT to bring up the subject of smoking. And she’s been supercareful around photographers. But since she turned 18, Hayden’s loosened up a bit. She was seen taking a smoke break outside a Hollywood club with Jesse McCartney. Being legal still doesn’t make it pretty.


  1. What Hayden doesn’t want us to know: That she is a midget, chain-smoking whore.

  2. If she gets black lung disease and/or tuberculosis, remember, she did it to herself. If she is smoking at such a young age while your body is still information, you are in grave danger of ill health…My cousin died of enphysema, having to wear an oxygen tank on his bank just to breathe. She gets no sympathy.

  3. Rick..Santelli is my new hero.
    Poitier is right lets cap hollywood salaries at 500.000

  4. Jesus H Christ you people are critical. Why dont you fuck off into your little caves and leave the rest of us alone.
    who gives a shit if she smokes? Its her life and her choice. And as for her choice of underwear…I like it. Why does everyone that wears a G-string have to be a skank? My wife wears them and she isnt a skank.
    as for heroes being the worst show on TV…you probably dont like it because it makes you have to think. Something that is clearly a challenge for you.

  5. I’m no fan of this midget-slut but you anti smoking fascists need to mind your own damned business.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Calm down, and have another cancer stick (or 2).

  7. They all smoke to stay thin–cigarettes instead of food. It’s the nature of the business.

  8. Janet, millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes, the Bankers have raped the Public purse and the Country is collapsing.
    You are concerned about this Disne teen whore sneaking a ciggy? What about talking about her Vicodin addicton or are you on Lesley’s payroll?

  9. With a little imagination a THONG is visible, folks!!
    (america can’t take this underwear)

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