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Angelina’s kids are starting to develop definite personalities. The girls had a day together and stopped at the Lee Art Shop in New York and Shiloh and Zahara walked out with Easter baskets. Shiloh always seems happy-go-lucky and nothing seems to bother her. Zahara, on the other hand, often has a serious, almost suspicious, look on her face. We vote her most likely to smack a photographer some day.

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  1. Jeez, Janet, you are perceptive! There does seem to be an issue with the little girl.

  2. I have never seen Zahara smile. Wonder what was so special about her that caught Angie’s eye, ’cause thousand of orphans were available. Oh well, glad it’s not me that has her. I’m still wondering if their fragile house of cards will ever tumble, that is, their non-stop travel, kids’ education, keeping Brad-stud happy, up-keep on 7 or 8 mansions, clothes, food, health and a miriad of other daily problems that exist with the wealthy as well as the average person. To keep up this life-style non-stop has to take a toll sooner or later.

  3. Are they super-human. One week, they are in New Orleans, next week, they are in Germany,next week in Paris, next week in L.A., next week in New York, next week she is in a 3rd world country sitting amongst the natives, next week they are in St. Tropez, next week they are in Tokyo, next week they are on the Red Carpet. Do they have a pact with Satan?

  4. Seems to me that Angie was probably a little jealous of all the attention octo-mom has been getting, and now decides to take out her girls (rarely Shiloh) like Madonna does when she needs attention.

  5. If your Mom dragged you all over Hell’s half acre, you might look a little pissed off too.

  6. Shiloh is seen out as much as the other kids except for the twins. None of the kids have been seen much in the last 3-4 months. They will probably be seen more now that Angelina will be filming SALT in NYC beginning in March. Shiloh seems very outgoing and calm and happy, while both parents have said that Zahara is somewhat shy and is upset by paps shouting her name and the flashes from paps cameras, there are pixs of her smiling when the paps are not up in her face. All kids are different, does not mean there is anything wrong with a child.

  7. Janet why do you now infuse advertisements for these businesses in your commentary?
    Is it not enough that your blog is plastered with annoying ad banners and pop-ups?
    Please have some respect for the readers and can those ‘shout outs’.


  9. Janet, your perception of Z is most likely due to racial prejudice. Innumerable valid studies have shown that balacks are percieved as negative over whites. There are many Picts of Z smiling

  10. I think she should keep those kids sheltered and away from the cameras and chaos. You never see Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas wandering around with their two children for photo-ops. In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever been photographed in public. I don’t know how they do it, or where they live, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should take a page from their book and protect their children, not exploit them. They have plenty of money to do just that. Anyway, just my opinion.

  11. If you didn’t know better you would think Zahara is her natural child, what with those big lips Zahara has.

  12. Both kids are just ordinary kids that can be seen in any neighborhood, so enough already; there’s nothing new. What’s with this hauling ass here and there? Is that suppose to make the Jolie-Pitts likable. Save the environment and stay home, you stupid woman. I wonder who’s paying for all those planes, hotels, meals, Easter baskets etc.–probably not Jolie and company. These celebrities are such users. They want everything for nothing. NO ONE SHOULD WORK FOR THEM. I personally will not watch any movie these people are in. Why encourage schlock!

  13. Whenever Angelina hauls those kids out in public she always dresses them like HER, especially the girls! Frumpy and dumpy! She’s a publicity HO just like her clone Octo-hag. Blech!

  14. I think that was completely unneccessary and mean. She’s a kid for crying out loud, give her a break. Being followed by cameras every waking minute is not fun.

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