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We’re not impressed with Kim Kardashian’s “accomplishments” but we’ve always thought she is a very pretty girl. But now she has a reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! and she’s looking like THIS! Too much makeup – too much hair – too much glitz – she looks years older. We want the old fresh looking Kim back.

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  1. She is simply a gutter slut. No talent other than sucking the boys off. Good for her. Thank God that her dad is dead, she would simply kill him.

  2. The photo is what’s wrong.
    Look over some other photos of her, the photographer is up too close hence their using a very wide angle lense which makes her look fat and the color saturation is a bit off as well.
    I myself would have prefered a photo of her without all the other photographers in the back ground which distracts your focus on her.

  3. Please Janet this girl was NEVER fresh. The girl was born with the Doctor’s finger up her A$$. She’s a porn ho and nothing more.

  4. She’s pretty in a vulgar kind of way. She’s the brunette version of Coco that rapper guys wife. Her two sisters however both got hit on the head with the fugly stick.

  5. Your looks were so damn horny. Eliminate the new hair-style, all the fucking make-up(less is more), those wide dresses, over-entousiastic smile!! I WANT THE “OLD” KIM BACK!!

  6. Oh hell she’s been working at the ho’ business since OJ came into her father’s life.

  7. Your judgement is questionable, Janet. Why do you promote porn stars & drug addicts? Why don’t you do some features on people who are doing good work and not out sniffing gak all night?

  8. JCha PLEASE. The chick is a common whore, daughter of a azz-kissing whore. Only thing fresh about her is the man spunk she’s been swallowing gross, but it must be said!!

  9. No idea whatsoever why she is famous. Anybody that pushes a porn tape of themselves is just trash.

  10. Fresh!?!?
    Like before amature porn?
    Or before the Paris coattail riding?
    Or before the nose & boob job when she looked like the Elephant Man’s daughter?

  11. Give us features on people who made it without porn tapes or gack, like Teri Garr, Cher, Ann Magnuson, Jane Wiedlin, Linda Ronstadt, Goldie Hawn?

  12. She’s about as fresh as month old fish – just keeps getting nastier by the day. Why do the children of famous people think they need to be famous and will do ANYTHING to be recognized? No talent=GET A REAL JOB!

  13. Supposedly this whore has a another new porno tape coming out soon,,,and she banging some guy with her whore sister who’s in the picture with her. See,, these tricks have other hobbies besides shopping.

  14. I find her old world glamour Simply irresistable. I love the dark hair with the light makeup and stong lip. Bold silvered jewelry,with the wine coloured satine cocktail dress with plunging neckline scream “Old Hollywood Glamour” done in a fresh moderne way.Her bag is TO DIE FOR. Obviously this is a special night for this Princess Kimberely who style is More is More. All hail new Hollywood.

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