After a whirlwind week of Paris fashion shows, pregnant Kim arrived at de Gaulle Airport dressed to the nines in white from head to toe. Her puff shoulder coat has a lot of detailing to camouflage her widening body. But the whole outfit looks like it was intended for a tall model because the sleeves and pants are so long. No time for alterations, Kim?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Janet is like Perv-ev Hilton…taking money from these dirtbags. Go take a shower!

  2. Lose those greasy extensions first. Take a good look in the mirror after you put on an outfit. Stop taking fashion “advice” from loved ones, they are doing you no favors. I mean really, that is not only butt-ugly but it doesn’t even fit.

  3. She’s trying too hard. Like Mae West in her later years. Trying for something that just will never happen.

    Bet that outfit has Velcro.

  4. I think she looks good in this outfit, but I wish she’d just relax a little and stop trying so hard. It’s just too too much: all the hair and the make-up and the fancy throwaway clothes, never the same thing twice…It is exhausting just to watch her.

  5. That is one of the funniest get ups she has worn yet! Her chin looks a little odd in photo. I know I’m being critical but isn’t that the point of her going out in public looking the fool?

  6. This isn’t the first time, nor the last, when her sleeves have been too long. She’s got that “witch” chin that juts out–will only get worse as she ages.

  7. the usuall stuff.

    since kanye west she hasn’t any!!

  8. I don’t think she is pregnant.Because her belly is way too small for being 5 month pregnant.

  9. Looks like a clown for hire…..but no funnier than the little imposter who tries so hard to be strom but just can’t quite pull it off.

  10. What a skank this person is. Why do people keep her in the news?

  11. why is she trying to hide she is pregnant? I’m telling you, she is NOT into this kid thing.

  12. I still don’t think she is pregnant either. She just took off the 18 pairs of Spanx she normally wears. Her pants are ALWAYS dragging on the ground, they must all be filthy and frayed.

  13. come on @Strom, be realistic, NO ONE wants to be you, ewwww …. they’re just mocking you, surely you are bright enough to realize that ?

    oh … maybe you’re not, sorry.

  14. I bet she just got fat and they’re playing it up as a “pregnancy” — wonder how long that will go until they announce she had a “miscarriage.”

  15. why so cynical Sam ? Kim and Kayne are paragons of dignity and poise.

  16. What is she famous for besides her sex tape? It certainly can’t be anything other because she doesn’t wear her own clothes that she “designs” for Sears. Everything is so ugly that she wears and then she calls the paps to make sure they show up and then she sells her pictures to gossip sites like these. She is married to one guy and pg by another, we should not be celebrating her but shunning her because she has absolutely zero morals. Once a ho always a ho and she will always be a ho. End of rant on this talentless lard ass.

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