Let’s face it, some people just shouldn’t wear jeans. Especially skin tight jeans. Kim Kardashian is in Paris, of all places, wearing this denim outfit and her body seems to be screaming “Let Me OUT!!!” She sure looks uncomfortable (will she be able to sit down and eat lunch or will that zipper explode?) Maybe she bought the wrong size- or maybe Kim is one of those people who just shouldn’t wear jeans…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. To each their own on appearance.. but, she looks just like she wanted to appear.. ICk

  2. Why even discuss this vacant mess? Click revenue? Just use adblock, please….

  3. Janet, thanks for the laugh! This is hilarious! Kim as a Fat Ass!

  4. Make you wanna holler!! Kim K. just had to be held down to cram into that get up. Make NO mistake,I find it hard to believe that she could actually sit down in this tight laundry sack!!

  5. She is just a cow. Everything is 3 sizes too small. Just go away and take your family with you. Please.

  6. She always looks dirty & fat & smells like piss, the whore!

  7. Diva, don’t be dissin’ Walmart. She has no excuse for looking the way she does, she chooses to look like a overstuffed cow.

  8. I wish people would stop giving publicity to this disgusting piece of trash

  9. Weight isn’t the issue. There is nothing natural about her fetishized plastic surgery altered body. She is a revolting human being who would do ANYTHING for attention or to make a buck. Her entire family are the perfect representative of what is wrong with Corporate Capitalist America, anything for your own personal profit no matter what.

  10. She sort of reminds me of the beached dead whale that is washed ashore on the east coast and is now so full of methane gas that it is about to explode any day day now. God, this woman is a pig!

  11. @Jim-Jam – ROFL!!! Well said.

    In fact, all the above coments are LOL funny!

  12. I like Kim Kardashian that jeans is just right on her look real good to me

  13. The BLACK man loves the large ass that is always ready to bend over and the small brain.

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