Obviously we don’t watch enough daytime TV because this guy is a regular. We’ve seen women trying to be real life Barbie dolls, but there’s only one guy we know of who wants to look like a Ken doll. Justin Jedica from New York, has spent $100,000 on surgical procedures to achieve the perfect Ken look. He started with five nose jobs and lip enhancement and moved on to abdominal implants, and silicone implants in his pecs, biceps, triceps, buttocks, and calves. Imagine all that fake stuff floating around in his body! He started his quest at 19 and he’s now in his thirties and has no intention of stopping. Justin says his surgery is an extension of his creativity. What we want to know is where do these people get all this MONEY? And who takes care of them when they’re recovering? How do they maintain this lifestyle?
Top photo: Justin and Valeria “Barbie” Lukyanova

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  1. Obviously, this person has mental health issues. Like Transsexuals, this is BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER. Under a profit driven medical system, people are encouraged to “express themselves” and become whatever they imagine thru body mutilation. Ethically, any surgeon who operates on someone like this should have their medical license revoked.

  2. Uh, freak side-show appearances.. plus the sugar daddies.. Wow the world is sad, no one notable is normal anymore

  3. This is beyond freak show and behind the scenes consulants. So sad.
    Really. Stop what you are doing to your bodys. Stop Now!

  4. Welcome to the America of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

  5. They need to be euthanized, they are two massive waste of resources

  6. The problem is the Ken doll doesn’t age. This dude is in his thirties so in the next fifteen years he will be looking like Joan Rivers rather than Ken.

  7. Why are you asking? I thought you were supposed to be the reporter. Do some work & find out!

  8. Where do they get their money from!?? Perhaps Mattel?

  9. Call me old fashioned, but I am of the belief if you spend that kind of money on surgical procedures, you should look better not worse.

    These people do not look like a human Ken or Barbie, they don’t look human at all and they do not look like those plastic dolls.
    They look like people who have had too much BAD cosmetic surgery, period.

    As for the payment arrangement, it’s just that an arrangement, many cosmetic surgeons take payment plans. Some surgeons will take the loss in order to experiment a procedure on a willing guinea pig.

    The rest of the cash comes from escorting.

  10. This is beyond gross, vain & absurd. Why don’t they spend the money on a good psychiatrist?

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