We’ve seen some artistic photo-shopping and we’ve seen some cheezy photo-shopping and this has to be the cheeziest EVER! Sometimes, even celebrities are not in ideal shape to be modeling skimpy lingerie. Mariah Carey has not been looking her slimmest for the past few months – in fact a trench coat seems to be her best friend. It happens to all of us. This magazine called Wonderland wanted Mariah on the cover in underwear and their determination is admirable. But they cut her out like a paper doll to pare off any excess heft. And it looks it.

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  1. She’s got to stop drinking and gorging herself.. poor thing. Can’t do photoshop live

  2. She looks like Monica Lewinsky in her prime. Very Hot.

  3. Wife, mother, singing sensation. We all know that Mariah has the wind chimes voice. It seems that at this age and stage of her career, she No longer Needs to be hungry for placing herself on display. This outfit should be for Nick’s eyes only!!

  4. Mind control has fried her brain for good it seems, poor woman. They keep make her believe she’s in her 20’s….

  5. MC is not large. What is sad is that as accomplished as she is, and despite her being a huge star, she still feels pressured to degrade herself and show her body off like a piece of meat. I am trying to imagine a male singer having the same pressure, it wouldn’t happen.

  6. Oooh… I LOVE!!! women in stockings…, but MC I’m not so sure about!

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