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Kim Cattrall got lucky when she was hired to appear at the opening of Harrod’s summer sale. Not only is she handsomely paid, but she gets to shop in the store before the doors are open. One drawback was that she had to put up with Mohamed Fayed whining and complaining that he and his late son Dodi were in no way responsible for Princess Diana’s untimely death – that it was a conspiracy. (Sure, and the conspirators were liquor, drugs, and the macho limo driver.)

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  1. OH AND HOW CONVIENTLY YOU LEFT OUT THE PAPPARAZZI!!!! I would put them at the very top of that list!!

  2. She was murdered by the papparazzi. Dont leave them out they were definitely a factor in it. The number one factor. Janet just doesnt want to make her peeps mad which i understand so you should have stayed away from this story. Nothing would be better than this blatant attempt to just leave that out.

  3. Well the post was right about the other things i also agree that the Paps are mostly to blame. Totally dont agree with the conspiracy theory but there was no need to say the man was ”whining” about his son. I dont the subject even came up at this event. Why do sound angry at this man janet? He was a grieving father. His son died being chased by Paps who took pics of him dying. He is the one that has the right to be angry.

  4. An expensive smile: HOW MUCH WAS THE SEX-TAPE?

  5. A whore is a whore, no need to get national about it 10:45pm.

  6. Whore, yes…So are all the other sluts on S & T C. (they just manifest themselves in a different way than does Kim).

  7. I see dollar signs in her eyes, she seems so shy and flirty $$$$$

  8. Her hair is not the greatest; she has always had thin fly-away hair.

  9. gerard and suki need to hook up and breed an army.

  10. Kim is a nice lady got used by her husband and Dody is a nice man who showed the world how evil and corrupt the whole entertainment and royal family has become.

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