Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom was not happy when his exwife Liza Morales refused to allow their children Destiny, 12, and LJ, 9, to appear on his and Khloe’s new reality show. He sued Liza for visitation rights to his children and reduced child support. Liza remarked that she was surprised he was interested in his kids all of a sudden because he spent so little time with them over the years. The reality series will go on without the kids, but we were astonished by how much Lamar’s exwife Liza resembles Khloe. Liza could be another Kardashian sister!

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  1. I don’t think they look at all alike. Liza/Lisa (which one is it Janet?) is much prettier. And I don’t believe that they were ever married.

  2. Agree with Denise. The are have long brown wavey hair. That hardly makes them twins. Kloe is mid-western blah. Kim Kardashian, the attractive one in that family, does not even look like Liza.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Another spoiled NBA athlete who doesn’t appear to give a crap about the first family he made. But, as soon as HE becomes a national TV guy, well then he needs better custody….you know, for better airtime on his newest wife’s coat=tails. Athletes are so classy.

  4. Don’t know who is trashier,him or her.. I don’t think the two women look alike at all. The first wife was gorgeous and NO ONE could believe this other thing is even remotely pretty

  5. Judging by these 2 photos they look similar, this is his look preference.

  6. Lamar only noticed that, they were both almost white, and willing.

    Tony Parker seems to be the next to shed the hispanics!

  7. That’s an extremely rare “good” picture of the “ex”. I’ve seen photos of her where she looked like a blimpy poorly dressed welfare mother. Her features are lost in swollen gobs of fat, espiecially above her eyes, and she’s one of those tacky women who draws on her eyebrows with a pencil. The picture I remember seeing of her was around the time Khloe and Lamar came forward about their relationship and wedding. This Liza chick went ballistic (understandable) and her very large fat ass was seen by the paps making a scene, not sure the location, but she looked like a hog in tight clothes, and nothing like this head shot which is probably years old.

  8. That strapping, tall, drink of choco milk is mighty fine.

    He makes Mama’s mussy steam like a pot of gumbo in the middle of a Louisiana heatwave.

    ** lifts muumuu **

  9. khloe “The Cow” is trying to copy kim’s success.

  10. Pippa, it goes back to the early days of Hollywood. Everyone loves a whore with a heart of gold. Well, now it is a whore with a gold card.

  11. I love the KarTrashians because of the father — who was on the “Dream Team” of lawyers for OJ, when he stood accused for murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

    Well, Nicole and Kris were friends. And so…….this Kardashian family has Lots of Hollywood News Under Their Hat……..

    But the kids all seemed to have survived their dad’s death OK, that’s the main thing. But the Emotional/Political fall out that must have occurred when He took that case…….oh boy. And then how the case went down….and then he died…..and then Kim Kardashian was born into the world via graphic/lewd disgusting sex tape.

    Yeah, it’s American History in the Making. Hollywood has it’s dark side.

  12. As mentioned, black Tony Parker shed the border rat. The next one will be even lighter. Eva was as much a fame whore as J Lo but without the management.

  13. Kloe is the pretty one in the family, but that’s not saying much.

  14. I’ll never forget the look on Robert Kardashian’s face when OJ’s not guilty verdict was read. The shock showed blatantly that he knew something and believed or knew that he was guilty. I’ve always believed that Kardashian was the one who ditched the bloody clothes and knife in the bag that no one could find. I think he thought OJ would be convicted and have to pay for the double murder, but was beyond shocked when OJ got off. The “dream team” has been haunted since, with Bailey dying, Kardashian dying, and Shapiro’s son dying. I’m thrilled OJ is in jail and hope someone knifes the hell outa him. I’m sickened by all those who stood by OJ when he was so obviously guilty of double hideous murder.

  15. How a man treats his mother and children is how he will treat you. We all know that. Khole is getting played yet she thinks Larmar is a chump. Bad dad, yes. Chump, no.

    Khole chose to marry a whore hopper as a showmance. He’s been banging a Latina jumpoff for awhile now. NBA players are lousy husbands. And if you get a close up peek at Khole’s facial skin you’ll see the how stress of a fauxmance ages a lady.

    Not racist, I have many black friends. When black men dogg their own children and marry non black females when black men diss black females it’s always bad news for the white/latin/asian ladies.

    Look at OJ! Beat his first black wife beat and killed the white one! Tiger Woods is doing asian and black ladies a favor, he loves to cheat on dumb white broads. They may believe everything he’s telling them about bw. How difficult they are. Makes them feel better since they’re insecure and dick-whipped.

    They’re playing mind games. Any intteracial dater knows it’s a big, red, flag when your date disses their own race, espically their women, the image of their own mothers.

    Have to say it some black men are shameful and very damaged with this whole absentee father shit!

    Those black men who say they want a light skin child are insane and lots of them closeted, using the non-black woman, who is ignorant of his culture (hanging with the boys), as a beard while he is banging his bros!

    Had to chime in with some my my actual experience and first hand conversations.

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